I Am Swapping My Volt For A Highway Cruiser! What Car Should I Buy?

Nick’s wife is starting a new job that requires a lot of long-distance highway travel. She is looking for something a bit more comfortable than her 2012 Chevy Volt with some updated features. With a budget of up to $45,000 what car should she buy? The 2023 Dodge Challenger Swinger Edition Was The Most Fun … Read more

Hybrid BMW M5 Touring Is Coming To America

Photo: BMW Wagon lovers, you can finally quit your yapping. BMW has officially announced that the seventh-generation BMW M5 Touring is headed for U.S. shores. It seems BMW saw how well the Mercedes-AMG E63s Wagon and Audi RS6 Avant have sold in this country and decided it wanted in on the action. BMW 3T Electric … Read more

The 2024 Mercedes-Benz E350 Is A Quiet Revolution

From engineering to design, the eternal debate in the automotive industry is whether evolution or revolution is better when it comes to developing a new model. It’s an even more strenuous place to be as a luxury brand. We’ve seen revolution pay off for BMW and Lexus and flop with Acura, while evolution has been … Read more

These Cars All Got Uglier After Their Redesigns

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Breaking Down YouTuber Car Build Math

There is something of a debate to be had as to whether YouTube has been a net positive or negative for the automotive community. So many backyard mechanics, myself included, have taken a class or two at YouTube University. There’s some evil at play here, though, as these big budget builds and massive collections of … Read more

Max Verstappen Too Young To Rent AMG GT Sports Car On Vacation, Settles For BMW 5 Series

It turns out that being a three-time Formula 1 world champion doesn’t get you a leg up at the rental car counter, as Max Verstappen recently learned when on vacation in Portugal. As reported by The Sun, Verstappen’s family and friends arrived in Algarve on three different private jets, having booked 20 rental cars through … Read more

BMW Releases Teasers For M5 Touring That Might Come To America

Photo: BMW BMW hasn’t even revealed the regular Touring wagon versions of the new 5 Series and its electric i5 variant yet, but just before Christmas the company released new teasers of the high-performance M5 Touring. Not only will this be just the third time the M5 has been offered as a wagon after the … Read more