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At $3,600, Does This 2002 BMW X5 Mark The Spot?

With SUVs being all the rage, it’s no doubt that there’s an active market for older editions like today’s Nice Price or No Dice X5. Let’s seeif the seller has priced this reasonably unique soft-roader for what the market will bear.Speaking

Tesla Will Disable Rolling Stops

Photo: Getty Images (Getty Images)Tesla will recall tens of thousands of cars because of rolling stops, Lexus is almost doing better than ever, and live car auctions are still a thing. All that and more in The Morning Shift for February 1,

What Car Feature Disappointed You The Most?

Well, you did it. You finally scrounged and saved, signed on the dotted line, and got yourself a new car. You even shelled out a bit extra to get a couple fancy features — the big infotainment screen, the nice speakers, maybe even the…

Mini Will EV Swap Your Classic Mini

Image: MiniJudging by the way automakers are looking into the future, there will come a day when you won’t be able to buy a tank full of gasoline anymore. It’s not happening any time soon, but it probably will happen eventually. So what are

The Next Volvo XC90 Might Be Called Embla

Photo: VolvoThe current Volvo XC90 is the second generation of the car, which has been with us since the 2015 model year and, as such, getting a bit long in the tooth, even after a facelift last year. However, the next XC90 might not be an