The ‘Crime Of The 20th Century’ Was Made Possible Thanks To A New Invention: The Rental Car

Roaring ’20s Chicago was the epicenter of a wave of American inventions, like a new, more violent kind of organized crime and most importantly in this story, the rental car. One hundred years ago today, the humble rental car was the lynchpin in a plan by two rich teenage psychopaths to commit the perfect crime; … Read more

Fiat Abarth 595 Time Attack Race Car Is Just A Little Loud Guy

Screenshot: Attack Official Movie Channel on YouTube If you’ve ever played Gran Turismo, you probably remember that anything even approaching a one-minute time at Tsukuba Circuit is frickin’ fast. To bop around that track in a tiny little Fiat, on street-legal tires no less, in one minute and seven tenths of a second is nigh … Read more

Oakland Thwarts Copper Thieves With Novel Stop Sign Technology

Screenshot: KPIX City officials in Oakland, California decided to replace a traffic light at an intersection with stop signs last week. This decision wasn’t part of some urbanist initiative to calm traffic; the city couldn’t keep the light functional. The Chevy Colorado’s Headlight Controls Are Deeply Frustrating And I Need To Yell About Them Local … Read more

Legendary Pontiac ‘Grey Ghost’ Trans Am Racer Could Be Yours For Just $675,000

Image: The SCCA Trans Am class was at its absolute pinnacle in the early 1970s, with factory-backed efforts from Ford, Chevrolet, AMC, Dodge, and Plymouth fighting for the top spots. You’re probably one of those basic bitches that loves the Bud Moore Mustangs or the Penske Camaros, right? Yeah, everyone is. Me, I’m into … Read more

18-Wheeler Carrying 15 Million Bees Crashes In Maine, Releases Unknown Number Of Flying Monsters

I hate insects, especially the ones that fly, so you can imagine my displeasure at learning an 18-wheeler carrying about 15 million honey bees crashed and overturned on I-95 in Maine while being transported to pollinate blueberry fields in Washington County. The Chevy Colorado’s Headlight Controls Are Deeply Frustrating And I Need To Yell About … Read more

Exit Row Passenger Argues With Flight Crew, Gets Herself Arrested

Congratulations! You got a seat in an exit row for your flight. All that sweet, sweet extra legroom is yours, and now the only thing that stands between you and actually being able to stretch your legs out is to simply say, “Yes,” when the flight attendant comes by to make sure you’re willing and … Read more

Cadillac Doesn’t Plan To Offer Any Hybrids

Image: Cadillac GM is rethinking its EV investment and finally coming around to what Toyota seems to be selling a ton of: hybrids. The first of these hybrids were needed yesterday, but we won’t be seeing them until 2027. That’s when every GM division will roll out a hybrid or plug-in hybrid model. Just don’t … Read more

Rhode Islanders Deserve Their Kei Cars, All 30 Of Them

He’s just a little guy!Photo: Matthew Kane matthewkane, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons Back in 2021, the Rhode Island DMV took a page out of Maine’s book and started canceling registrations for imported kei trucks. Now the state is at it again, asking owners of already-registered kei trucks to turn in their registrations — but this … Read more

McLaren’s Monaco Senna Tribute Livery Is Way Too Rad

Formula 1 liveries are boring as all hell these days, but one team isn’t afraid to bring a little color to the grid. For this weekend’s 81st running of the Monaco Grand Prix, McLaren will swap out its traditional Papaya for a striking yellow, blue, and green Senna tribute livery. It has been thirty years … Read more

1 Passenger Killed By Severe Turbulence Aboard Singapore Airlines Flight

Photo: NurPhoto / Contributor (Getty Images) A Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore ended in tragedy and was forced to make an emergency landing in Bangkok after severe turbulence left one person dead and more than 30 others injured. The BBC reports the plane dropped about 6,000 feet in only a couple of minutes, … Read more