This Kid’s Incredible Wooden EV Puts Your Cozy Coupe To Shame

Have you ever looked into your kid’s eyes and wanted nothing but the best for them? If you have, then you might understand this dad’s plight to create the most bonkers toy car ever conceived. Tesla’s Cybertruck Has Finally Arrived The video in question was uploaded by YouTuber ND – Woodworking Art, who has a … Read more

Even The Tesla Cybertruck’s Bed Length Is A Lie

It turns out the Tesla Cybertruck’s quoted bed size is a bit of a lie if you actually want to carry anything substantial. Sure, it is technically six feet, one inch long, but an item that big will only fit the bed if it’s less than 6” tall. That’s not ideal if you want to … Read more

What Cars Have The Ugliest Engine Bays?

2024 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali UltimateImage: GMC If you’re like me, when you pop the hood of a car, you want to actually see the engine. There are those among us who actually still appreciate admiring the beauty that is the internal combustion engine, but lately it seems that some automakers are phoning it in … Read more

What’s The Most Oddly Satisfying Thing About Your Car?

A woman places a reusable cup from a fast-food restaurant in the holder provided for it in her car. Photo: Felix Kästle/picture alliance (Getty Images) No car is actually perfect, and even if it is perfect for one person, it might be a different person’s worst nightmare on four wheels. I would argue, though, that … Read more

One Person Is Behind Thousands Of Silicon Valley Bike Thefts And He’s Selling Them In Mexico

Photo: Jordan Siemens (Getty Images) There’s an ongoing surge in bicycle theft that struck even before the pandemic arrived in 2020. The resulting uptick in cycling and retail bike sales that year served as an accelerant to thrust bike-related crimes to all-time highs. Wired sought the expertise of a bike hunter to learn what was … Read more

Buy The Big Mercedes Bus Because A Three-Row SUV Isn’t Nearly Big Enough

Image: Bring A Trailer There’s one thing American drivers definitely want, and it’s bigger vehicles. If you’re looking for a family commuter machine and a new Suburban is just a bit too small, try this Mercedes O-klasse bus on Bring A Trailer. This particular bus has been outfitted with some deckchairs for seats, but you … Read more

Newer Honda Fits Are Basically Depreciation-Proof

We miss the Honda Fit. We really do. It was an inexpensive subcompact, sure, but it was also so much better than it had any right to be, and it more or less made the competition irrelevant. There were less-expensive alternatives, but they just didn’t have the level of charm, practicality and refinement of the Fit. … Read more

Too Many Top-Level Racing Drivers Are Getting Injured Riding Bicycles

Image: Valtteri Bottas Factory Toyota Hypercar racer Mike Conway will miss out on his 11th start at the 24 Hours of Le Mans after a cycling incident this week has left him with broken ribs and a fractured collarbone. Another high-profile cycling incident saw IndyCar driver David Malukas nerfed from his freshly inked contract with … Read more