Tesla’s New $300 Cybertruck Tailgate Pad Protects Your ‘Bulletproof’ Truck From Big Scary Bicycles

Tesla now offers a tailgate protector for its “bulletproof” Cybertruck, a move that has been soundly mocked online. Yet, dumb as that combination is, the Tesla “Tailgate Shield” is even dumber than you think. Tesla’s Cybertruck Has Finally Arrived Tailgate pads on trucks are common among cyclists, whether or not the truck’s bed can actually … Read more

I’m A College Student Looking For A Reasonable Ride! What Car Should I Buy?

Aiden is a college student in Philadelphia, with a Nissan Xterra that has recently expired. He wants something smaller and easier to park with low maintenance costs. With a budget of about $6,000, what car should he buy? Honda And Kia Were The Automotive Highlights of CES 2024 (Welcome back to What Car Should You … Read more

The Three-Row Pickup Truck Is Coming

Image: Stellantis Trucks have replaced sedans and wagons as the everyday driver from thirty years ago, that’s just a fact. Remember when your friend’s mom in high school had a wagon with seats in “the way back” that folded out of the floor? What’s old is new again. Ram filed a patent for a third … Read more

Massive Boat Gets Stuck In Tunnel Under Los Angeles Airport

A truck driver hauling a massive boat on Thursday managed to get it stuck in a tunnel near the Los Angeles International Airport, inconveniencing drivers, folks on their way to fly and boaters in a rare triple transportation threat. The boat was being towed on an oversized load carrier, so it seems the driver at … Read more

McDonald’s Drive-Thru In Guantanamo Bay May Be A Cursed Idea, But The Food Is Delicious

THE Guantanamo Bay McDonald’sPhoto: United States Navy via Wikimedia Commons McDonald’s is known for its localized menus in different places around the world. The food you get at a Micky D’s in Europe or Asia will not be the same as the food you can pick from here in the United States. That’s super neat, … Read more

Go Buy This Custom Dodge Charger Pickup And Give It A Better Looking Rear End

Here in America we never really got utes, the car-based pickup trucks that are so popular in Australia in other markets. There were outliers like the Ford Ranchero, Chevy El Camino and Subaru Baja for a time, but they never really caught on here in the U.S, and we came so close to getting a … Read more

Cybertruck Serves Briefly As Sinking Boat While Stuck In Lake

Elon Musk has made a lot of outlandish claims about the flagship Cybertruck, including that it will survive the apocalypse and will even be able to serve briefly as a boat should the world flood. Well those sailing credentials have been thrown into doubt this week after footage emerged of a Cybertruck stuck on the … Read more

Let Me Ride The Jet-Powered Merry-Go-Round

When I was a kid in the play park I wanted to go higher, faster and farther than everyone else. Always pushing the swings that little bit harder, bouncing that little bit higher on the trampoline or getting a longer run up to go even faster down the slide. Little has changed since then, so obviously … Read more

I Think I’m Done With Cars For Now

I think I’m done with cars. I’m tired of driving, and I just don’t want to deal with them anymore. No, I’m not resigning and moving to Amsterdam to ride bikes and yell about car brain. I just realized recently that every time I need to go somewhere, I’ve been grabbing my motorcycle helmet instead … Read more

Brisbane cafe Little Genovese forced to end dog-friendly policy after complaint to council

A Brisbane cafe has been forced to change its pet-friendly approach and will no longer allow dogs indoors, following a complaint. Little Genovese in Coorparoo had been welcoming pets inside for nine years but has now changed its procedures, after a visit from a council inspector. “They’d received a complaint about one of my staff … Read more