Doctor’s tip to stop smelly armpits with one item – it’s not deodorant

A doctor has revealed an easy way to prevent smelly armpits when deodorant just isn’t enough. Dr Sina Ghadiri, who goes by Dr Sina on TikTok, regularly shares helpful skincare and hygiene tips on the platform, where he has amassed a staggering 84.8K followers. In a recent video Dr Sina revealed those who were worried … Read more

TikTok parent seeks to fast-track suit over US divest-or-ban law

New York: China-based ByteDance Ltd. asked an appeals court to speed up its lawsuit challenging a US law that would force it to sell the TikTok video-sharing app or face a ban. “Prompt consideration of these cases is needed to avoid irreparable harm,” lawyers for ByteDance and TikTok said Friday in a filing in the … Read more

Canadians should listen to CSIS head on TikTok warning, Trudeau says – National

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canadians should pay attention after the director of Canada’s spy agency called TikTok a threat, but that he is waiting to see how the company responds to American efforts to make the app safer. “When the director of CSIS is pointing out that TikTok poses a real threat to the … Read more

The Race to Buy TikTok Is On—but There Might Not Be a Winner

This has done little to deter a growing list of other business moguls who have also expressed interest in acquiring the app, which has been under government scrutiny in the US for four years over alleged national security concerns stemming from its Chinese ownership. One of them is former Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin, who said … Read more

A stunning harpist has shut down claims she was ‘begging’

A stunning harpist brutally shut down accusations she was begging and acting illegally after being approached by an angry member of the public. TikTok user Robyn Hearts, who regularly performs with her string instrument on the streets of London, was playing her own take on George Michael’s Careless Whisper when a woman slammed her for … Read more

Billionaire Frank McCourt Planning Bid To Acquire TikTok’s U.S. Operations

Frank McCourt, the former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, this week announced he is putting together a bid to buy the popular social media platform TikTok as the company’s future in the U.S. remains uncertain after President Joe Biden signed a bill that could get it banned nationwide. In a statement released Wednesday, McCourt … Read more

Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift Lose Followers Amid Gaza Silence Campaign

As Americans head to the polls in 2024, the very future of our country is at stake. At HuffPost, we believe that a free press is critical to creating well-informed voters. That’s why our journalism is free for everyone, even though other newsrooms retreat behind expensive paywalls. Our journalists will continue to cover the twists … Read more

TikTok, ByteDance sue U.S. over law seeking sale or ban of app – National

TikTok and its Chinese parent company ByteDance sued in U.S. federal court on Tuesday seeking to block a law signed by President Joe Biden that would force the divestiture of the short video app used by 170 million Americans or ban it. The companies filed their lawsuit in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, arguing … Read more

Russian state-backed TikTok posts surge as U.S. election nears: report – National

Russian state-backed accounts on TikTok are posting far more, and reaching many more people, in the lead-up to the U.S. election, a new report finds. And it says the exposure may impact voters’ willingness to “mobilize or take actions” that could help the target of false or hyperpartisan content, the report states. “(The accounts) were focusing … Read more

House panel requests FTC investigate if TikTok violated child protection act

The leaders of a bipartisan panel that is focused on China have sent a letter asking the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate whether TikTok has violated child protection laws in its efforts to stop the United States from banning the app. The letter, obtained by The Hill and first reported by NBC News, is … Read more