TikTok Users Are Contouring Their Faces With Sun Damage—Whoops, I Meant “Sunscreen”

“Patients are putting their skin in danger when they choose to expose [it] to the sun with no sunscreen protection. When you are contouring with sunscreen, you are exposing your skin to radiation,” says Jeannette Graf, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York … Read more

Hourglass Unreal Liquid Blush Is Perfect for People Who Hate Liquid Blush—Review, Photos

Undereye concealer may be dead, but blush is still having its best summer ever. In particular, cream and liquid formulas seem to be reigning supreme. The latest launch to join that royal court is Hourglass Unreal Liquid Blush, and, folks? I am pledging my loyalty to its crown. If I’m being honest, this wasn’t a … Read more

The Rhino Piercing Is TikTok’s Latest Body Jewelry Obsession

While the name has ancient Greek origins, Pearce says the rhino piercing itself can be traced back to indigenous cultures.” “We give full credit to indigenous cultures,” says Pearce. “It is because of them that we still have this wonderful tradition and ceremony for ourselves today.” Rhino Piercing Risks Like with any piercing, you should … Read more

Everything To Know Before Getting a Keratin Treatment on Natural Hair

But both at-home and in-salon hair treatments “come in multiple forms, including creams, liquids, and sprays depending on the brand and manufacturer,” says Brooklyn-based hairstylist and [Salon] 718 owner Michaella Blissett-Williams. What does a keratin treatment do to textured hair? On all hair types, an in-salon keratin treatment will result in a less frizzy, smoother … Read more

Can Rubbing Castor Oil on Your Belly Button Actually Help With Digestion?

When consumed orally—in a dose of as little as one-half tablespoon—castor oil can be effective for constipation. “It is usually taken during the day because, once swallowed, it works quickly,” explains Dr. Cryer. “It is generally safe for short-term use. In adults over 60, castor oil, if used for a long time, can make bowel … Read more