How neighboring whale families learn each other’s vocal style

Researchers from Project CETI (Cetacean Translation Initiative) and collaborating institutions have developed a method to investigate sperm whale communication by determining their vocal style, finding that groups living in close proximity can develop similar styles to each other. The study, published today as a Reviewed Preprint in eLife, is described as important by the editors, … Read more

Are we really about to talk to whales?

Gray whale breaching. Credit: Merrill Gosho, NOAA, Public Domain The past decade has seen an explosion of new research into some of the most fascinating sounds in the sea: the vocalizations of whales and dolphins. Scientists have uncovered how humpback whales learn songs from neighboring populations, so that these songs travel from western Australia to … Read more

New gene delivery vehicle shows promise for human brain gene therapy

In an important step toward more effective gene therapies for brain diseases, researchers from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard have engineered a gene-delivery vehicle that uses a human protein to efficiently cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver a disease-relevant gene to the brain in mice expressing the human protein. Because the vehicle binds … Read more

Cramming for an exam isn’t the best way to learn—but if you have to do it, here’s how

Credit: Pixabay from Pexels Around the country, school and university students are hitting the books in preparation for exams. If you are in this position, you may find yourself trying to memorize information that you first learned a long time ago and have completely forgotten—or that you didn’t actually learn effectively in the first place. … Read more

Scientists make potential breast cancer breakthrough after preserving tissue in gel | Breast cancer

Scientists say they have a made a potentially “gamechanging” breakthrough in breast cancer research after discovering how to preserve breast tissue outside the body for at least a week. The study, which was funded by the Prevent Breast Cancer charity, found tissue could be preserved in a special gel solution, which will help scientists identify … Read more

Contaminated blood scandal victims living with ‘survivor’s guilt’ as thousands of lives continue to be ‘blighted’

Get the free Morning Headlines email for news from our reporters across the world Sign up to our free Morning Headlines email Contaminated blood victims say they are living with “survivor’s guilt” as their lives “continue to be blighted” by the lasting effects of the scandal. Victims and their loved ones have spoken out about … Read more

Breaking bonds to form bonds: Rethinking the Chemistry of Cations

A team of chemists from the University of Vienna, led by Nuno Maulide, has achieved a significant breakthrough in the field of chemical synthesis, developing a novel method for manipulating carbon-hydrogen bonds. This groundbreaking discovery provides new insights into the molecular interactions of positively charged carbon atoms. By selectively targeting a specific C-H bond, they … Read more

Blue Origin flies thrill seekers to space, including oldest astronaut

Blue Origin saw its first crewed launch since a rocket mishap in 2022 left rival Virgin Galactic as the sole operator in the fledgling suborbital tourism market. After a nearly two-year hiatus, Blue Origin flew adventurers to space on Sunday, including a former Air Force pilot who was denied the chance to be the United … Read more