Pickup Sales Fall As Buyers Move To Smaller, Cheaper Cars

Good morning! It’s Monday, April 8, 2024, and this is The Morning Shift, your daily roundup of the top automotive headlines from around the world, in one place. Here are the important stories you need to know. The Chrysler 300C Ends Production 1st Gear: Pickup Was Only Sector With Sales Drop In Q1 If you … Read more

These Cars Have Had The Biggest Sales Increases In 2024 So Far

Photo: Hyundai When quarterly sales figures come out, it’s common to focus on the cars that sold the most in the previous three months. That’s certainly interesting on some level, but at the same time, most of the top sellers are pretty consistent. Presumably, the Ford F-Series and Chevrolet Silverado will take the top two … Read more

Jeep Brings Back Pink Paint On The Wrangler Because So Many People Wanted It

Photo: Jeep If there’s one thing we can all agree about when it comes to Stellantis’ American brands — specifically Dodge and Jeep — it’s that Mopar’s design teams really know how to come up with a good color. It’s been common practice for style-forward cars like the Challenger, Charger and Wrangler to get one-year-only … Read more

These Are Your Favorite Failed Concept Cars

Photo: Schneider2001, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons Dodge demon. Not that one, this one: This wasn’t some Vision “concept” that’s no more than lines of code and MAYBE a clay model, that only idiots think ever had a chance at production. This was production ready, and cancelled because 2008. If it made it … Read more

These Are The Automotive Mysteries That Haunt You

1. Who developed the WK2 (2011-2020/1) Grand Cherokee platform? — This platform was also used by the gen. 3 Durango (still in production), the 2012-2019 Mercedes-Benz M/GLE-Class, and the 2013-2019 Mercedes-Benz GL/GLS-Class. It’s probably the final DaimlerChrysler collaboration, and didn’t even debut until a couple of years after the merger ended. But who led the … Read more

Here Are Jeep’s Awesome 2024 Easter Safari Builds From Every Angle

Are these the best colored Jeeps around right now? Photo: Jeep It’s that time of year again people, it’s Easter. And sure, that might mean it’s the season for eating too much chocolate or celebrating the anniversary of someone’s resurrection (weirdly on a different day each year) but for us here in the world of … Read more

Ford Hopes Small Electric Cars Will Make Americans Buy EVs

Good morning! It’s Wednesday, March 20, 2024, and this is The Morning Shift, your daily roundup of the top automotive headlines from around the world, in one place. Here are the important stories you need to know. WCSYB? | Replacing a Jeep Cherokee 1st Gear: Ford Pivots To Smaller EVs A lot of noise has … Read more

Jeep Ends Wrangler 392 Production With $100,000 Final Edition

2020 was a weird time. Not because of Covid-19 or the election or anything that actually mattered. No, it was weird because Jeep decided the best thing to do was shove a 6.4-liter Hemi V8 under the hood of a Wrangler and put it on sale. I have thanked the automaker every day for making … Read more

You’ll See The Feds Coming From A Mile Away In This Unmarked Jeep Wagoneer L

Screenshot: Stellantis Fleet If there’s one thing government enforcement officials love more than using tax dollars, it’s driving huge unmarked SUVs. For years, GM has almost exclusively been the supplier of these vehicles. Motorcades and FBI agents everywhere are always full of unmarked Chevy Tahoes and Suburbans. Now it seems as if another automaker is trying … Read more

Citroen: Citroen revamping India strategy to boost sluggish sales

French automaker Citroen is revamping its strategy to boost its sluggish car sales in India. A relatively new entrant to the Indian car market, Citroen plans to upgrade its entire portfolio, expand sales and service network by over threefold, and launch a new vehicle over the next one year, Aditya Jairaj, managing director and CEO, … Read more