Tesla Registrations Continue Falling But That Won’t Stop It Dominating EV Sales

Good morning! It’s Friday, May 17, 2024, and this is The Morning Shift, your daily roundup of the top automotive headlines from around the world, in one place. Here are the important stories you need to know. Tesla Had A Very Interesting Week 1st Gear: Tesla Sales Drop Another 12 Percent Tesla might have had … Read more

What Do You Want To Know About The 2024 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro?

Image: Toyota Toyota seems to be finally getting around to redesigning some of the oldest vehicles in its lineup. From the new Tacoma to the Land Cruiser and 4Runner, Toyota is on an off-road bonza. The buzz surrounding these new vehicles may have led some to forget about the Tundra. We haven’t driven one since … Read more

Toyota Believes There’s Room For Both The Land Cruiser And The 4Runner

Toyota is continuing to break into the off-road SUV market with two massive drops: the all-new 4Runner and the all-new Land Cruiser. Both SUVs boast rugged off-road chops, they sit on the same TNGA-F truck platform, and they even share several similar components. Are there really distinct enough audiences to appeal to both of these … Read more

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser Is The Revival Of An Off-Road Icon

If you hear the name Land Cruiser and still find yourself thinking about the bulky, rounded machine from 2021, I’ve got great news: for 2024, Toyota’s stealth wealth off-roader has been revived as the squared-off and capable machine that made it such a star in the first place. Its looks alone have been enough to … Read more

Genuinely New 2025 Toyota 4Runner Gets A Turbo Hybrid And Rad Off-Road Trims

After weeks of teasers, the final product is finally here: the actually new, sixth-generation 2025 Toyota 4Runner is even more off-road capable than before, but with widely improved technology, handsome new looks, and new trim levels for greater visual impact and off-road prowess. It seems the new 4Runner may have been worth the fourteen-year wait. … Read more

Toyota Teases Off-Road Trailhunter Trim For New 4Runner

Photo: Toyota Toyota – apparently – is into some light teasing, because the automaker just released a third sixth-generation 4Runner teaser in the last 11 days. This is all leading up to the SUV’s official reveal on April 9. Previously, we’ve gotten a a look at the lower end of the new 4Runner’s tailgate, its … Read more

381,000 Trucks With Reputation For Never Breaking Recalled For Rear Axles That Could Break

Photo: Toyota For years, the reason you bought a Toyota Tacoma wasn’t that it got the best gas mileage, came with the latest features or had the most comfortable seats. It didn’t have any of those things. You bought it because it had a reputation for both reliability and durability, as well as the boost … Read more

These Are The Cars That Should Never Go EV

Photo: Mazda In light of the little stumble EVs have taken lately, we asked readers what cars should never go EV. It turns out Jalopnik readers are more amenable to EVs than their car enthusiast loyalties would suggest, because loving cars isn’t really about pitting ICE versus EVs. It’s more about what makes a car … Read more

Mini Is Making Car Ads Fun Again

Mini recently unveiled its next-generation F66 Cooper and though I am already a Mini fanboy, when the latest Mini ad campaign came up on my Instagram feed, it genuinely excited me. Car ads used to be funny, irreverent, and bold, but modern car ads seem to have migrated into the realm of serious, stodgy and … Read more

Which One Are You Buying With A $9,000 Budget?

Photo: Jet Auto Sales While browsing online listings for used cars I came across two pickup trucks that were listed for similar money. Both had two doors, rear-wheel drive and manual transmissions, too, making them incredibly desirable in the Jalopnik universe. The question is, though, if you were in the market for a small, used … Read more