‘California Stop’ Is Costing Californians Millions In Tickets

The “California Stop,” also known as the “California Roll,” is the act of not coming to a full and complete stop at a stop sign. Whatever it’s called where you live, it’s illegal and can get you a $200+ ticket and can land you in hot water with your driving record when it’s issued by … Read more

Watch A Chrysler LeBaron Take Nearly 150 Feet To Stop From 55 MPH

Chrysler’s K-Car pulled the company back from the brink of financial collapse. This platform and its multitude of models and body styles was the brain child of automotive legend Lee Iacocca, and they brought spacious and well-built vehicles back to the stagnant Chrysler line up. While the company sold millions and could be had with … Read more

Nissan Wants Dealers To Lose Money On Sales

Photo: Nissan When the calendar flipped over to May, Nissan instituted a new sales policy for its dealers: Cars can be advertised at discounts up to 10 percent off the invoice price, a massive reduction from typical MSRP. The reasoning, it seems, is that Nissan just has too many cars sitting on dealer lots. Nissan … Read more

If Western Automakers Aren’t Already Terrified Of Chinese EVs, They Probably Should Be

Whether you have a problem buying a Chinese EV or not, that still doesn’t change the fact that China is investing heavily in its electric future, or the fact that the build quality and engineering gaps continue to close between Chinese and legacy Western automakers — with some Chinese automakers even surpassing the Western ones. … Read more

The New Toyota Prius Will Drift

The Toyota Prius has acted as the punchline in most automotive jokes since its U.S. introduction in 2001, but the fifth-generation Prius has flipped the script. Jalopnik’s own Andy Kalmowitz even said he “immediately fell in love with it” on his first drive in December of 2022, and knowing Andy, that’s high praise. Though I … Read more

1982 Chevy Camaro Berlinetta Was Slower Than A Muscle Car Has Any Right To Be

Screenshot: Motorweek/ YouTube The Chevrolet Camaro was introduced to the world as Chevy’s answer to Ford’s revolutionary affordable performance car the Mustang, but by the time the gas crunch came around there wasn’t much performance left to offer. I was raised in a Ford family, but even the Ford Mustang of the era struggled to … Read more

What Lame Car Did You Love When You Were A Kid?

Image: Mazda Growing up as a car enthusiast means you usually go through phases of different cars or car segments that you like. Like styles of clothes, usually you end up looking back on some of the cars and thinking “What the hell was I thinking?” Joe Pantoliano ‘Accidentally’ Learned How to Handle Hills With … Read more

What’s Your Dream Four-Car Garage?

Photo: Toyota Everyone has a dream garage, the set of vehicles you’d pick out if money were no object. But if you start to place budget restrictions, size limits, or both on a dream garage, you start to see what a person truly values. This week, we’re placing a very broad limit on your dream … Read more

At $7,400, Is This 1991 Chevy Corvette A ‘Super Rare’ Deal?

Now is a good time to snap up C4 Corvettes like today’s Nice Price or No Dice convertible. Let’s see if the price tag on this low-milage and seemingly rare color example will make buying it a snap. Best Corvette Generations, According to Bob You generally can’t go wrong buying an old Toyota Land Cruiser, … Read more

Mazda 6 Reborn As The Rear-Wheel Drive, Electric EZ-6

Photo: Mazda The Mazda 6 is dead and has been for years. Don’t worry, though, it’s back, and this time around, it’s rear-wheel drive, which officially makes it the best Mazda 6 ever. Sorry, Mazdaspeed 6. Along with rising from the dead, it also has a new name — the Mazda EZ-6. Oh, and did … Read more