This Apocalypse-Ready Off-Roader Can Definitely Survive A Car Wash

If you like the Tesla Cybertruck for its angular styling and alleged toughness, then consider this Zeal Motor Fat Truck 2.8C that’s currently for sale on Bring A Trailer. It may not be able to beat a Porsche 911 in a drag race while towing a Porsche 911, but neither can the Cybertruck. The Fat … Read more

A Tesla Cybertruck On Treads Is Unfortunately Very Cool

Anyone with eyes who has looked at the Cybertruck (and isn’t an Elon Musk bootlicker) probably has come to the same conclusion I have: This thing is butt ugly and looks dumb as hell. With its weird, stainless steel, straight-edged body panels, the Cybertruck is not a good-looking vehicle. However, one small modification changed my entire … Read more

Alpine’s Awesome A290 Hot Hatch Looks Even Cooler Thrashing Up The Arctic

Since 2017, Alpine has been pedaling one of the best one-car lineups out there, with the glorious A110 winning our hearts despite never going on sale in the U.S. Now, the French brand has a new car that’s sure to break our hearts too, and it’s just been spied winter testing in the Arctic. Reggie … Read more

You’re (Thinking About) Steering Your Motorcycle Wrong

If you’ve ever ridden a bike — whether bicycle or motorcycle — you understand how they work: Steering happens in the front, where you turn the handlebars, and the rest of the bike follows as it leans (at least, most bikes do.) Most of us have taken it for granted since we were kids. There’s … Read more

Tesla Under Investigation For Sudden Power Steering Failures

Image: Tesla The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating a rash of power steering failures affecting 2023 Tesla Model 3 and Model Y EVs. Thousands of owners are reporting a loss of steering assistance, resulting in dozens of vehicles being towed as a result, and there has been at least one crash associated with … Read more

Tesla Autopilot Is Easier To Trick On U.S. Cars

For over a decade, Tesla has promised buyers that complete and total vehicular autonomy is right around the corner. So far, that has yet to be true, but it hasn’t stopped some folks from pretending otherwise — doing everything they can to avoid touching the steering wheel for as long as they can. People Are … Read more