This 1928 Custom Casket Car Is Killing The Game

This custom-built coffin on wheels is currently available on Bring A Trailer, and was inspired by the legendary Dragula coffin car from the TV classic “The Munsters.” Even undead Grandpa Dracula would likely be too spooked to straddle the rear diff in this death trap. The “body” of this coffin cruiser is a nine-foot fiberglass casket … Read more

2025 Porsche Taycan Turbo GT Is The Logical Next Step For Track-Day Fans

Driving a car with more than 1,000 horsepower can be a bit nerve-wracking, a feeling that would seemingly be compounded if your first experience with it is on a race track you’ve never driven on before. But as I’m lapping Circuito Monteblanco near Seville, Spain in the 2025 Taycan Turbo GT, Porsche’s first attempt at … Read more

My Porsche 996 Turbo Has New Paint And This Is The Best Day Ever

I just got back from a visit to the paint shop, and I’m absolutely giddy. I had a vision in my head of what my Porsche 996 Turbo would look like when the paint was changed from boring and common Seal Grey to the period-correct and gorgeous Ocean Jade Metallic, but I never imagined it … Read more

You Can Have One Car For The Rest Of Your Life, What Is It?

Screenshot: Collecting Cars on YouTube In my dreams last night I was visited by the spirit of the future of automobiles. This spirit appeared to me as, like, the general feeling of whatever the opposite of Jay Leno is. It told me that if I were to sell all of my many cars immediately and … Read more

UK Dealer’s Porsche ‘Toys For Boys’ Collection Is To Be Enjoyed By Men, Not Like Those Silly Women With Their Barbie Dolls

Building a car collection can be hard, and if the cars you’re interested in are rare or limited in production, it can be even harder. Most importantly, it takes a lot of time, since you can’t just hop on Autotrader and be guaranteed to find whatever you’re looking for. Alternatively, you could simply buy somebody … Read more

All The Tesla Cybertruck Screw Ups Since Delivery (So Far)

Photo: Kyle Grillot/Bloomberg (Getty Images) When Elon Musk launched the Tesla Cybertruck, a brutalist stainless steel monstrosity doubling as an electric pickup truck, there were plenty of signs that things were not, um, going well. First and foremost were its ridiculous looks, but then came the claims that this truck would be a bulletproof off-roading … Read more

Rapper Crashed His Cybertruck Into Beverly Hills Hotel Sign Hours After Taking Delivery

Screenshot: @LosAngeles_Scan A Tesla Cybertruck crash into the Beverly Hills Hotel sign on Monday. The whole thing seemed like a messy event and, after some finger-pointing and speculation, it looks like we now know who the real owner of the truck is and who likely crashed it; A rapper you’ve probably never heard of. Tesla’s … Read more

Tesla Cybertruck Embarrasses Itself In Tug Of War With Silverado HD

 Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted a video of a Cybertruck pulling an F-150 uphill in a game of tug-of-war in 2019, but when real people attempted a similar stunt with a diesel Silverado HD, the stock Cybertruck disabled power. The Hype Behind Tesla Stock Success In 2023 It turns out, the Cybertruck can’t tug without … Read more

Porsche 959 Limo Built For The Founder Of Benihana Is Getting The Restoration It Deserves

“I’m not terrified of it,” says John Ficarra of his newest ridiculous acquisition, Rocky Aoki’s Porsche 959 limo built for the Car and Driver One Lap of America. Most people would be terrified, I would venture to guess. The car has been for sale in Southern California for at least thirteen years indicating just how … Read more

Watch Jeremy Clarkson Drag Race The Fastest Cars Of The ’90s

Gif: Matthew Poxon YouTube What do the Aston Martin Vantage, Porsche 911 Turbo (993), Lotus Esprit V8, Dodge Viper, Caterham Seven JPE, and TVR Cerbera all have in common? They were some of the fastest cars and most powerful cars you could get in the 1990s. Their performance was fantastic enough to get the attention … Read more