Porsche 911 Hybrid unveiled: Here are price, launch dates, performance, speed, and other details

Porsche has introduced the 2025 Porsche 911 Facelift globally, focusing on the Carrera and GTS trims. The update brings subtle exterior design changes and new cabin features, but the significant update is the introduction of hybrid technology in the powertrain. Porsche 911 Hybrid Launch Date and Price The new 911 Carrera (both coupe and Cabriolet) … Read more

Porsche Has Been (Sort Of) Building Hybrids For 125 Years. Here’s All Of Them

Image: Porsche On the back of a successful Cayenne S Hybrid introduction, Porsche also launched its first hybrid racing car in 2010 with the GT3 R Hybrid. This incredible car was not built to any specific rulebook, though it raced a few times in special exhibition classes and almost immediately proved its mettle on the … Read more

You Need This Porsche Cayenne Airport Shuttle

Owning a former fleet vehicle always carries some amount of risk. You never know how hard they were driven, how well they were maintained, or what conditions they’ve seen through their life. Sometimes, though, the car in question is just too good to pass up — like this Cayenne that lived a past life as … Read more

This Wrecked Jaguar Series 1 E-Type Is Begging You To Turn It Into A Vintage Race Car

Image: Copart Jaguar’s iconic E-Type sports car was derived from the three-time Le Mans-winning D-Type racing car, and in the later 1960s turned into a fairly successful racing car in its own right. It was, and remains, one of the most beautiful cars ever to set wheel to road, and in its day was significantly … Read more

At $15,600, Is This 2000 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 A Deal?

According to the ad, the present owner of today’s Nice Price or No Dice 911 bought it for their son, who, unfathomably, didn’t like it. That’s why it’s now on the market. Let’s see if we can be a bit more appreciative. Andy Got a Brand-New Porsche 911 (Made of Legos) Everything about the 2000 … Read more

Here’s More Proof Tesla Faked Its Cybertruck Vs. Porsche 911 Drag Race

When Tesla showed the Cybertruck beating a Porsche 911 down a drag strip while towing another Porsche 911, everyone who knew anything about cars was a bit, well, skeptical. As more information came out and YouTubers did deep dives on whether or not the results shown by Tesla were actually possible, it turned out that … Read more

Mitsubishi Mirage Has A More Responsive Engine Than Porsche Cayman: Car And Driver

The ubiquitous 0-to-60 test has become a standardized measure of a vehicle’s performance chops among industry pros and car meet aficionados, but that singular measurement doesn’t paint the full picture of a car’s character. On the road and even on the race track it’s more likely that a car’s 5-to-60 mile per hour results, or … Read more

I Think Buying A 1-Of-20 Porsche 911 SC/RS Might Fix Me

This all-white wonder you’re looking at here is the second-most rare variant that Porsche has ever built. While it looks like any other 911 to the layperson, this is a motorsport-division-built rally racer from 1984. With some extreme weight savings tricks, the engineers managed to get this thing down to just 2,160 pounds, nearly 600 pounds … Read more

At $4,000, Is This 2004 Porsche Cayenne S A Spicy Deal?

Unlike many later editions that share engines with VWs and Audis, today’s Nice Price or No Dice Cayenne carries true Porsche power under its hood. Let’s find out what such brand purity might be worth. 2024 Porsche Cayenne S Review : Worthy Of The High Price Tag? While its origins may be disputed and its … Read more

There Will Never Be Another Automaker CEO Like Ferdinand Piëch

Screenshot: Hagerty Car purchases are rarely rational, and nobody understood that more than Austrian business magnate and Porsche heir Ferdinand Piëch. In his 50-plus years in the automotive industry, his main motivating factor was building cool shit and taking it racing, often completely at odds with company profit or shareholder value. He knew how to … Read more