Cop Attacks Black Bystander For Filming Traffic Stop

Screenshot: San Francisco Chronicle You’re legally allowed to record the cops. You can’t interfere with what they’re doing while recording them, but you’re allowed to record them. That doesn’t mean they like it, but the law is the law. Unfortunately for one California man, the cops don’t always follow the law. The Daily Beast reports … Read more

Sovereign Citizen Demands To Speak To Supervisor, And You Can Probably Guess How That Ends

It’s a tale as old as time. A sovereign citizen decides the rules don’t apply to them, gets in trouble, makes an ass out of themselves and gets arrested. And yet, watching them talk their way into getting arrested continues to be enjoyable no matter how many of these videos you’ve seen. This time around, … Read more

Bringing A Loaded, Unholstered Gun To The Atlanta Airport Will Now Get You Arrested On The Spot

Photo: Bloomberg / Contributor (Getty Images) For some reason, Americans just love bringing guns to the airport, and according to the Transportation Security Administration, 93 percent of the guns it found in 2023 were loaded. Apparently, the Atlanta police department isn’t happy with that trend, so as WSB-TV reports, it recently announced plans to treat … Read more

Man Faces Jail Time For Telling Cop ‘Get Your Ass Out Of The Way’

A man in Alabama is facing potentially weeks of jail time over a ridiculous court order to apologize, in writing, for telling a cop to move in a slightly rude manner back in December. The driver is rightly refusing to do so, and is ready to go to jail to protect his First Amendment rights. … Read more

Watch Brain Geniuses Get Arrested For Refusing To Answer ‘Are You A Citizen’ At U.S. Border

The U.S. Border Patrol has sweeping powers to arrest and detain folks within 100 miles of the border (or, ya know, the entire state of Michigan.) They are the very last cops with whom you’d want to tussle, but that didn’t stop two brain geniuses from trying to use legalese magic to avoid one simple … Read more

Supreme Court Rules Cops Can Wrongfully Seize Your Car And Hold It For Weeks, Months

Members of the U.S. Supreme Court have just voted down legislation that would grant people whose cars were wrongly seized by the authorities a chance to instantly appeal the decision. Instead, innocent drivers will continue to be left waiting for a “timely hearing,” which could take weeks or even months. 2025 Subaru Forester Keeps Subie’s … Read more

Florida Man Whines About His Ruined Reputation After Pulling Gun On Uber Driver

Police in Milton, Florida arrested a man after he pulled a gun on an Uber driver earlier this week who was dropping his daughter off. Sean Hollonbeck forced the driver out of the car and onto the ground and has since been charged with false imprisonment and aggravated assault with a weapon, WEAR News reports. After … Read more

Tesla May Have Committed Securities, Wire Fraud With Autopilot

So folks, it’s looking like U.S. prosecutors’ probe into Tesla and Autopilot will be going well beyond whether the systems actually work or not. Regulators are now looking to see if Elon Musk and Tesla committed securities or wire fraud by misleading investors and customers about the self-driving capabilities of their cars, according to Reuters. … Read more

Real Estate Developer Allegedly Drives Car Into Crowd Of Protesters In NYC

Photo: Spencer Platt / Staff (Getty Images) Once Columbia University’s administrators called the cops in on students protesting Israel’s genocide in Gaza, and the Fox News crowd started foaming at the mouth for teens to be beaten or killed, you knew it was only a matter of time before someone ended up in the hospital. … Read more

New law banning some passwords in the U.K. an ‘important start,’ expert says – Winnipeg

Amid growing global cybersecurity threats, a tech expert is saying the United Kingdom is getting it mostly right with a new law. The country is the first in the world to ban generic passwords on new smart devices. “The manufacturer under this law, when you buy (a smart device), they will not be allowed to … Read more