Is Fernando Alonso The Aston Martin Taylor Swift Sings About On ‘Tortured Poets?’

Is Alonso the Aston of Taylor’s eye? Photo: Bryn Lennon – Formula 1 (L) Ashok Kumar/TAS24 (R) (Getty Images) It’s a big day. Taylor Swift just released her heartbreaking new album and surprised fans by making it a whopping double release with 31 songs and more than two-hours of new music. Have you listened yet? … Read more

At $39,500, Is This 2006 Aston Martin DB9 A Good Deal?

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2024 Aston Martin DB12 Volante Finally Nails The Brief

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I Want Something With Speed, Style, And Exclusivity! What Car Should I Buy?

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Fisker Can’t Even Get The Ocean’s Doors Right

Photo: Fisker Auto safety regulators have apparently opened a preliminary probe in the very troubled Fisker Ocean because of complaints the doors of the electric crossover sometimes don’t open when you want them to. This is less than ideal if you are familiar with the functionality of doors. Man, Fisker really cannot catch a break. … Read more

$56,300 Polestar 4 EV Is The Cheapest Car You Can Buy Without A Rear Window

There have been a handful of cars with no rear window in recent years, whether it be for aerodynamic or pure styling reasons, they instead use a high-def camera and digital rear-view mirror to give you a view behind. But all such cars have been high-end supercars or limited-run specials, like the Ferrari 812 Competizione, … Read more

This Jet-Powered Kei Truck Has Fired Its Way Into My Heart

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Plug-In Hybrid Sales Are Outpacing EVs

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Fisker Was A Coachbuilder Before He Started His Own Car Company

By all other accounts, Henrik Fisker has been pretty successful. He had a hand in designing some of the most iconic cars ever made, like the original BMW X5 and Z8, Aston Martin DB9, and Vantage. However, after years in the auto design business, Fisker decided to leave to pursue making cars. Since then he’s … Read more

McLaren Sold Its Soul To Bahrain To Fund Its Supercars

McLaren has been on increasingly rocky ground in recent years as it struggled to find funding to secure its future. The British supercar maker previously put its headquarters up for sale and turned to the sovereign wealth fund of Bahrain for a cash injection. Now, the Middle Eastern country has taken full ownership of McLaren … Read more