Lewis Hamilton Reveals He Nearly Drowned While Surfing And Refuses To Pee In The Car On ‘Hot Ones’

Image: First We Feast on YouTube Formula 1 reporters don’t ever ask Lewis Hamilton about peeing in the car. That’s the joy of seeing the 39-year-old guest on the wildly popular internet show “Hot Ones.” Leave it to host Sean Evans to get Lewis out of his shell a little. The show is brilliant in … Read more

Rain Delays Are One Of Motorsport’s Most Underrated Features

The rain had delayed the 108th running of the Indianapolis 500 for a little under an hour when a cheer erupted from the crowd seeking shelter near the Pagoda Plaza: We were racing. No, not the cars; they were still tucked comfortably in their Gasoline Alley garages as rain continued to pour. No — the … Read more

There’s No Escape From Insufferable Formula 1 Fans On This $10,000 Motorsport Cruise

Have you ever gone on a themed vacation, you know the kind of thing where you’re away for a week with a bunch of people who all love the same thing as you, like off-roading or craft beer? Well now there’s one for rich Formula 1 fans, who can all bond over how much cash … Read more

Adrian Newey May Be Out At Red Bull, But He Won’t Be Retiring From F1 Anytime Soon

Photo: Mark Thompson (Getty Images) The sweepstakes for legendary F1 designer Adrian Newey’s service began as soon as he announced his upcoming departure from Red Bull Racing at the start of May. While rival teams openly pined for Newey’s signature on a contract, others speculated that he could simply retire. However, in an interview on … Read more

The Red Flags Podcast On Becoming The Voice For American Formula 1 Fans

When Brian Muller and Matt Elisofon first picked up their microphones to record the debut episode of Red Flags, they were trying to fill a niche they’d recognized in the Formula 1 world: “I was like, where is the podcast with the Bill Simmons of F1? There wasn’t just some guy out there who’s just … Read more

Brad Pitt’s F1 Movie Could Be The Most Expensive Film Ever Made

Brad Pitt has been working on a movie about life in Formula 1 for a couple of years now. The movie, which has Lewis Hamilton onboard as a producer, began filming last year but was forced to suspend shooting when the actor’s strike hit. Now, the project is back on track with a budget that … Read more

Adrian Newey Will Leave Red Bull In 2025 Over Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior Against Team CEO

It’s confirmed: Adrian Newey, perhaps the greatest car designer in the history of Formula 1, is departing from the Red Bull Racing team that helped define his legacy. Red Bull has confirmed that Newey will remain with the team until the first quarter of 2025, after which point he will be leave, Motorsport.com reports. 2023 … Read more

Scuderia Ferrari Partners With Hewlett Packard Because It Hopes To One Day Be As Reliable As A Printer

Image: Scuderia Ferrari After decades of sipping from the overflowing chalice that was Marlboro tobacco title sponsorship, Scuderia Ferrari and Philip Morris were forced to part ways when tobacco sponsors were banned from international motorsport in 2011. Of course the partnership continued through backdoor Mission Winnow channels until that program also ended in 2021. After … Read more

Teen Backup Shocks F1 Field In Saudi GP

Max Verstappen won a record-tying ninth F1 race in a row at Saturday’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. However, 18-year-old Ollie Bearman stole the show with a seventh-place finish while standing in for Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz. In MotoGP, rookie Pedro Acosta impressed fans by going wheel-to-wheel with future hall-of-famer Marc Márquez. It’s Monday, March 11, 2024 … Read more

Red Bull Was Ready To Fire Christian Horner, But He Threatened Legal Action To Keep His Job: Report

Following two months of investigation, last week Red Bull team boss was cleared of any wrongdoing by an independent barrister in a case of alleged inappropriate conduct with a junior member of the team’s staff. In the current issue of BusinessF1 Magazine, Red Bull’s CEO Oliver Mintzlaff is said to have already decided to fire … Read more