Adrian Newey May Be Out At Red Bull, But He Won’t Be Retiring From F1 Anytime Soon

Photo: Mark Thompson (Getty Images) The sweepstakes for legendary F1 designer Adrian Newey’s service began as soon as he announced his upcoming departure from Red Bull Racing at the start of May. While rival teams openly pined for Newey’s signature on a contract, others speculated that he could simply retire. However, in an interview on … Read more

Adrian Newey Will Leave Red Bull In 2025 Over Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior Against Team CEO

It’s confirmed: Adrian Newey, perhaps the greatest car designer in the history of Formula 1, is departing from the Red Bull Racing team that helped define his legacy. Red Bull has confirmed that Newey will remain with the team until the first quarter of 2025, after which point he will be leave, reports. 2023 … Read more

It’s Just Testing, But Allow Me To Be The First To Congratulate Max Verstappen On His 2024 Formula One Championship

Image: Red Bull Racing The ridiculously talented combination of Max Verstappen driving a car designed by Adrian Newey has to be stopped, man. They can’t just keep getting away with this. Having secured the 2023 championship with the most dominant season in F1 history, these psychopaths aren’t content with best, they have to just smash … Read more

Formula One Should Throw Out Every Rule And Replace It With This One

Formula One is called the pinnacle of international racing for open-wheel single-seater racing cars, and it has been since the first season of the championship in 1950. In this context, the word “formula” applies to the set of rules to which all of the cars must be built. The series could otherwise be known as … Read more