Formula 1’s 2026 Rules Are An Apology For Messing It All Up In 2022

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, racing’s global governing body, has unveiled a new set of Formula 1 regulations that will be implemented in 2026. While the rulebook’s top-line selling point of smaller, lighter and nimbler cars is appealing on its own, F1 is heading in a direction that admits the current racing product is lackluster. … Read more

Does Anyone Really Want Autonomous Racing?

A small handful of people in the world of motorsports might find reason to care about the concept of autonomous racing. In theory this could be a new opportunity for motorsport to return to its original purpose as a crucible of automotive technological improvement. In practice, it’s boring, half-assed, and deeply unimportant. This morning I … Read more

The CEO Of McLaren Got His Start Winning Wheel Of Fortune

A defining feature of the American Dream is the concept of upward mobility. Everyone has a chance at economic success, no matter their upbringing or background, if they just work hard enough. It’s almost certainly a lie we’ve been told for decades, but there was a time when it worked essentially as it was said … Read more

Formula One Should Throw Out Every Rule And Replace It With This One

Formula One is called the pinnacle of international racing for open-wheel single-seater racing cars, and it has been since the first season of the championship in 1950. In this context, the word “formula” applies to the set of rules to which all of the cars must be built. The series could otherwise be known as … Read more