Beef Between Teammates Is The Only Reason To Watch F1 In 2024

Formula 1 has returned with the dull roar of Max Verstappen driving off into the distance at the Bahrain Grand Prix. While Red Bull’s world champion casually strolled to the checkered flag, multiple teammate feuds were ignited through the field. It’s Monday, March 4, 2024 and this is Racing Recap, your summary of last weekend’s … Read more

It’s Just Testing, But Allow Me To Be The First To Congratulate Max Verstappen On His 2024 Formula One Championship

Image: Red Bull Racing The ridiculously talented combination of Max Verstappen driving a car designed by Adrian Newey has to be stopped, man. They can’t just keep getting away with this. Having secured the 2023 championship with the most dominant season in F1 history, these psychopaths aren’t content with best, they have to just smash … Read more

Max Verstappen Too Young To Rent AMG GT Sports Car On Vacation, Settles For BMW 5 Series

It turns out that being a three-time Formula 1 world champion doesn’t get you a leg up at the rental car counter, as Max Verstappen recently learned when on vacation in Portugal. As reported by The Sun, Verstappen’s family and friends arrived in Algarve on three different private jets, having booked 20 rental cars through … Read more