Daily Driving A BMW M3 Is Just As Great As You’d Imagine

The sport sedan is one of the best automotive segments ever created. Unfortunately the industry’s move away from sedans to crossovers has made them an endangered species. That isn’t to say there aren’t great ones still on sale — Cadillac’s Blackwing models and the Genesis G70 come to mind. One of the all-time greats is … Read more

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‘He Went Early’ Officials Clear Denny Hamlin Of Wrongdoing But Drivers Have Doubts

While stock car racing might be known for its creative gamesmanship and full-contact action, Denny Hamlin might have crossed the line by apparently jumping the final restart yesterday at Richmond Raceway. NASCAR race officials deemed his actions fair, but Hamlin’s fellow competitors disagreed. It’s Monday, March 25, 2024 and this is Racing Recap, your summary … Read more

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This 23-Year-Old’s Car Payment Is A Third Of Her Income

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Goodyear Doesn’t Know Why Tire Wear Was So High At Bristol

Extreme tire wear during Sunday’s Food City 500 was so drastic that the NASCAR Cup Series field was dangerously close to not having enough Goodyear tires to complete the race. However, the difficult conditions produced one of NASCAR’s most entertaining short-track races in recent years. Saturday’s 12 Hours of Sebring was just as enthralling and … Read more

You Can Get A $90,000 Jaguar I-Pace For Less Than Toyota Camry

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Beef Between Teammates Is The Only Reason To Watch F1 In 2024

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Swapping My BMW For A Family Ride. What Car Should I Buy?

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