Every Single Automatic Car Should Have A Column Shifter, No Exceptions

Andy recently spent a week in a $40,000 Ford Maverick, and as much as he enjoyed the truck, there was one thing he couldn’t get past — the shift knob. It wasn’t the end of the world, but he did find it incredibly frustrating while trying to make a three-point turn. Personally, I agree with … Read more

Large SUVs Might Not Be As Safe As You Think

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) just released new crash test results for three full-size, three-row SUVs — the Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Tahoe, and Jeep Wagoneer — and these family haulers had varied crash test performances. Full-size SUVs are popular choices due to their size and the perceived safety that comes with that size, … Read more

GM’s Super Cruise Is Handy, But It Definitely Has Its Quirks

My friend group was recently looking at taking separate cars on a road trip from Los Angeles to Yosemite when we were saved from that logistical nightmare by a big Pearl Beige Metallic GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate. This Yukon is called the Ultimate for a reason; it was equipped with GM’s Super Cruise, a rear … Read more

What’s The Worst Thing About Owning A Car?

In my driveway, right now, I have four cars. If you combined them all together, I’d probably have the equivalent of one good, decently functioning vehicle — but even then, I doubt I’d have functional brakes. For me, that never-ending maintenance cycle is probably the worst thing about vehicle ownership; right when I think I’ve … Read more

You’ll See The Feds Coming From A Mile Away In This Unmarked Jeep Wagoneer L

Screenshot: Stellantis Fleet If there’s one thing government enforcement officials love more than using tax dollars, it’s driving huge unmarked SUVs. For years, GM has almost exclusively been the supplier of these vehicles. Motorcades and FBI agents everywhere are always full of unmarked Chevy Tahoes and Suburbans. Now it seems as if another automaker is trying … Read more

Thirteen Jalopnik Writers Own A Total Of 41 Cars, Trucks And Motorcycles

Convertibles are amazing, and some of the best cars of all time. Everyone loves to put the top down on a beautiful day. Well, except Daniel. Daniel Golson – 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Image: Jalopnik This is my 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SL, which I bought back in the spring of 2021 about a year after moving to … Read more