The 5-Speed Transmission Is Almost Dead In The U.S.

Automotive technology is constantly changing. Advancements come, and stuff that was once cutting-edge rapidly approaches the rear-view mirror. Such is the way of the five-speed transmission. Currently, there are just two cars left in the U.S. that offer five-speed transmission. One is an automatic and one is a manual; neither are very long for this world, … Read more

What Car Is The Biggest Bargain You Can Buy Right Now?

After price cuts and tax credits, is this a bargain now? Photo: Tesla Here at Jalopnik, we’re lucky to have car-buying expert Tom McParland on hand to give us advice whenever we need it. But he can’t be doing everything, everywhere, all at once, and this means that sometimes it’s better to hear from the … Read more

There Are Only 25 New Cars Left Under $25,000

Image: Manufacturer Provided The state of affordable new automobiles right now is bleak, y’all. Back in 2020, I did a rundown of all the cars left in the U.S. market under $20,000, and there were seventeen. I did another one last fall, and there were six. Now, because the Kia Soul has crept above the … Read more

These Are The Cars That Should Never Go EV

Photo: Mazda In light of the little stumble EVs have taken lately, we asked readers what cars should never go EV. It turns out Jalopnik readers are more amenable to EVs than their car enthusiast loyalties would suggest, because loving cars isn’t really about pitting ICE versus EVs. It’s more about what makes a car … Read more