The 5-Speed Transmission Is Almost Dead In The U.S.

Automotive technology is constantly changing. Advancements come, and stuff that was once cutting-edge rapidly approaches the rear-view mirror. Such is the way of the five-speed transmission. Currently, there are just two cars left in the U.S. that offer five-speed transmission. One is an automatic and one is a manual; neither are very long for this world, … Read more

Genuinely New 2025 Toyota 4Runner Gets A Turbo Hybrid And Rad Off-Road Trims

After weeks of teasers, the final product is finally here: the actually new, sixth-generation 2025 Toyota 4Runner is even more off-road capable than before, but with widely improved technology, handsome new looks, and new trim levels for greater visual impact and off-road prowess. It seems the new 4Runner may have been worth the fourteen-year wait. … Read more

Toyota Teases Off-Road Trailhunter Trim For New 4Runner

Photo: Toyota Toyota – apparently – is into some light teasing, because the automaker just released a third sixth-generation 4Runner teaser in the last 11 days. This is all leading up to the SUV’s official reveal on April 9. Previously, we’ve gotten a a look at the lower end of the new 4Runner’s tailgate, its … Read more

The Sixth-Generation Toyota 4Runner Teases Its Roll-Down Rear Window And Official Reveal Date [Update]

Photo: Toyota Toyota is giving us another look at the upcoming sixth-generation 4Runner. It’s still a back-end shot, but we now have a much clearer look at what the next-gen ‘Runner is going to look like. There isn’t too much information to go on at this point, but it is a tantalizing glimpse. If Toyota … Read more

The Current Toyota 4Runner Has Been At 13 Consecutive New York International Auto Shows

Photo: Andy Kalmowitz / Jalopnik Every year, the New York International Auto Show features a number of U.S. and world debuts from different automakers. I’m not here to talk about those cars. No, what I’d like to talk about is the car that has been to more NYIAS shows than anything else on the floor: … Read more

If You Aren’t Watching This Legend Build A Dodge Viper Off-Roader, You’re Missing Out

Image: Superfast Matt on YouTube Former Jalopnik contributor and all-around good guy Matt Brown has a bunch of really cool project cars and an even better YouTube channel. It could be argued that he has too many project cars, because he doesn’t finish a lot of them. But the off-road Viper that he’s been working … Read more

Rivian R2 Debuts As A Cuter, Smaller, Cheaper Electric Crossover

It’s been a few years since Rivian started production on the R1T and R1S, its phenomenal electric truck and SUV that boast incredible designs and capabilities, but are definitely on the pricier side of things. Now the American brand is expanding into more mainstream segments with the compact R2 crossover, which debuted today at the … Read more

You Can Thank Rich Folks For All The Clay-Colored Cars

Oh, OK. I see. You think this has nothing to do with you. You go to your dealership and select that lumpy grey 4Runner because you’re trying to tell the world that you take yourself too seriously to care about what you drive around town. But what you don’t know is that 4Runner is not … Read more

The Naturally Aspirated V6 Is Going Extinct

Photo: Andy Kalmowitz / Jalopnik I’ve owned four cars in my lifetime. Every single one of them had six naturally aspirated cylinders, and three were V6s. I suppose you can I’ve got a pretty strong affinity for that type of engine layout, and that’s why I’m so worried right now. You see, I recently came … Read more