Toyota Teases Off-Road Trailhunter Trim For New 4Runner

Photo: Toyota Toyota – apparently – is into some light teasing, because the automaker just released a third sixth-generation 4Runner teaser in the last 11 days. This is all leading up to the SUV’s official reveal on April 9. Previously, we’ve gotten a a look at the lower end of the new 4Runner’s tailgate, its … Read more

These Are The 2024 Cars Most Likely To Last 200,000 Miles Or More, According To Consumer Reports

Photo: Ford They don’t build cars like they used to. It’s true. They’re safer, more fuel efficient and more reliable than ever before. These days, most cars are just getting started when they cross the 100,000-mile mark. They may require quite a few repairs to keep going after that point, but the days of cars … Read more

Toyota Shipped A Record-Breaking 11.2 Million Cars In 2023

Image: Toyota Despite 2023 being a weird year for car sales with high interest rates, global shortages, shipping delays, and reduced inventory, Volkswagen and Toyota were locked in a tight race to deliver more cars than ever before. Both the German giant and the Japanese behemoth were aiming for the global sales crown, and 2023 … Read more