These Cars Have Had The Biggest Sales Increases In 2024 So Far

Photo: Hyundai When quarterly sales figures come out, it’s common to focus on the cars that sold the most in the previous three months. That’s certainly interesting on some level, but at the same time, most of the top sellers are pretty consistent. Presumably, the Ford F-Series and Chevrolet Silverado will take the top two … Read more

Toyota Is Crushing Its Fastest Prius: Report

Image: Toyota Prior to this car arriving at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2004, no hybrid had ever run at America’s natural race track. This is it, this was the first one. This is a piece of racing history that deserves to be kept for future generations to admire. Toyota arrived to the salt with … Read more

High Speed Chase, Side Show

Diamond Ki’iLani Kamehaiku Sysco was a life-long car enthusiast who died on the side of a California interstate after armed assailants stole the keys to her van, leaving her stranded in the center median of I-880. Her death has confounded investigators and close family alike as a strange tale involving side shows, sign theft and … Read more

Readers Say These Cars Are Unrecognizable From Old Generations

Photo: Ford We asked readers what cars are the most unrecognizable from previous models and generations earlier this week. It’s amazing what a few decades will do to a person and/or car — for better or worse. Some models go from being beloved SUVs to blobby crossovers, while others go from being coupes or sedans … Read more

Cops Slash Tires In Seattle Protest For Complying With Police

An incident involving a police officer slashing the tires of vehicles at a Free Palestine protest on February 9 is under investigation in Seattle, Washington. The actions of the Seattle Police Department, which targeted a minivan and other vehicles despite compliance from their drivers, are now under review by the Office of Police Accountability after … Read more

New EVs Still Can’t Beat The Efficiency Of A Toyota Prius PHEV

The Toyota Prius Prime has beat out the latest EVs for the title of greenest car. Despite more EVs coming to market, none of the latest fully-electric vehicles in the U.S. managed to outdo the efficiency of the humble Prius plug-in, according to the Washing Post and recent findings in the 2024 GreenerCars report. Andy … Read more

These Are The 2024 Cars Most Likely To Last 200,000 Miles Or More, According To Consumer Reports

Photo: Ford They don’t build cars like they used to. It’s true. They’re safer, more fuel efficient and more reliable than ever before. These days, most cars are just getting started when they cross the 100,000-mile mark. They may require quite a few repairs to keep going after that point, but the days of cars … Read more

This Poor Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Had Its Headlights Ripped Out Of Its Face

Image: /u/No_Supermarket9751/Reddit I’m always baffled by the lengths that people go to steal parts off of cars. Just look at the now-common thefts of Toyota Prius catalytic converters. Obviously, things like wheels are stolen all the time too. As components of modern cars get even more expensive to fix and replace, thieves are getting more … Read more

Subaru Had It Right All Along

When Subaru first came to the United States, it sold small funky cars that were decidedly un-American. As the company grew its own identity and became more established in the U.S., it became the first automaker to offer an all-wheel-drive passenger car in 1975. Subaru was also an early-adopter of turbocharged engines to bring more … Read more

Weekend News Roundup January 06, 2024

Here we present our weekly Jalopnik series that recaps the latest in news. We’ve showcased our most read offerings as well as some you may have missed. Hyundai Considers Jumping On The Tesla Charger Bandwagon Too Consumer Reports Says These Are The Best Hybrid Cars For Less Than $35,000 In 2024 Photo: Toyota We’ve come … Read more