Eric Schmidt Warned Against China’s AI Industry. Emails Show He Also Sought Connections to It

In November 2019, the US government’s National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI), an influential body chaired by former Google CEO and executive chairman Eric Schmidt, warned that China was using artificial intelligence to “advance an autocratic agenda.” Just two months earlier, Schmidt was also seeking potential personal connections to China’s AI industry on a … Read more

Civil advocacy groups press Big Tech on AI-fueled misinformation

More than 200 civil advocacy groups urged leading technology companies to increase efforts to combat misinformation fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) ahead of elections across the globe, in a letter published Tuesday. The groups wrote top executives for popular technology companies including Google, Meta, Reddit, TikTok, YouTube and X, requesting “swift action” to reinforce their … Read more

Majority of US voters hold unfavorable views of Bezos, Zuckerberg: Poll

A majority of U.S. voters hold unfavorable views of Amazon founder and executive chairman Jeff Bezos and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, according to a new survey from The Tech Oversight Project. Sixty-five percent of registered voters said they have a somewhat or very unfavorable opinion of Zuckerberg, who runs the parent company of Facebook and … Read more

JetBlue Introduces Surge Pricing For Checked Bags To Offset Rising Costs

Checked bags are big business for airlines. In 2022 airlines made nearly $30 billion just off checked bag fees alone. Apparently those billions in fees aren’t enough for some airlines, as JetBlue announced that it’s introducing surge pricing for checked bags, and it’s all because the company says it has to pay more for wages … Read more

The 2025 Volvo EX30 Is A Reminder That Volvo Is Good At Building Fun, Affordable Cars

You know Volvo: The safety company, the sustainability company, the company that makes gorgeous crossovers and wagons for whisking young urban professionals to their business meetings and Vermont ski trips. Driving the new EX30 through Swedish city streets, I thought I knew Volvo too — but I’d forgotten another side to the Swedes. What Car … Read more

16-Year-Old R35 Nissan GT-R Is Still, Somehow, Selling At Least Once Per Day

Back in 2008, the Nissan GT-R was a paradigm shift for supercars. Here was a Nissan — an attainable Nissan — that made Ferraris and Porsches look like chumps. Now, 16 years later, the GT-R is far pricier and mildly faster in a world that’s caught up to its speed and tech. Yet, perhaps due … Read more

This AI Startup Wants You to Talk to Houses, Cars, and Factories

“The physical world is where we have most of our problems, because it is so complex and fast moving that things are beyond our perception to fully understand,” says Brandon Barbello, a cofounder who is also Archetype’s COO. “We put sensors in all kinds of things to help us, but sensor data is too difficult … Read more

Here’s How Generative AI Depicts Queer People

Another potential strategy to diversify the output from AI models is for developers to add guardrails and modify user prompts, nudging the software toward inclusivity. OpenAI appears to have taken this approach. When I asked Dall-E 3 via ChatGPT to “draw a cartoon of a queer couple enjoying a night out in the Castro,” it … Read more

Google agrees to destroy private browsing data to settle class-action lawsuit

Google has agreed to destroy “billions of data records” collected during private browsing sessions to settle a class-action lawsuit that accused the tech giant of improperly tracking people who thought they were browsing the internet privately. The company also agreed to rewrite the disclosure that appears at the beginning of every “incognito mode” session to … Read more

Huawei’s profit more than doubles in 2023, sales up 9.6% as cloud and digital businesses grow

Chinese telecoms gear company Huawei Technologies has reported its profit more than doubled last year as its cloud and digital businesses thrived in spite of US sanctions. The Shenzhen-based company reported a net profit of 87 billion yuan (USD 12 billion), helped by strong sales and an improved product portfolio. Revenue jumped nearly 10 per … Read more