This Might Be The Most Unhelpful Tip For Buyers Shopping For Cheap Cars

As the used car market returns to normal, buyers on a budget looking for affordable cars are still facing challenges. While there are some helpful strategies to get a quality ride at a reasonable price, putting an artificial cap of 100,000 miles is not one of them. Feds Want To Stop Shady Car Sales Naturally, … Read more

Boeing Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Bursts Into Flames With 450 Passengers On Board

A Garuda Indonesia planePhoto: NurPhoto / Contributor (Getty Images) This really just hasn’t been Boeing’s year. It’s currently facing criminal charges over the Justice Department’s claim that it violated the terms of a previous agreement related to two 737 Max crashes, and of course, you can’t forget about the door plug blowing out mid-flight. Now, … Read more

Fisker Won’t Be Producing Any More Oceans, Says Company That Produces Them

Image: Fisker Fisker just can’t catch a break. The automaker is still currently teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. And despite huge discounts on the Ocean, the vehicle is mess of issues. If a recent earnings call is to be believed, however, the Ocean itself might not matter much anymore. This Is The New Mercedes-Maybach Night … Read more

The Grand Tour Will Reportedly Be Rebooted Without Clarkson, Hammond Or May

Photo: Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer (Getty Images) We’ve known for a while now that The Grand Tour as we currently know it would be going away. Back in January, Clarkson, who was fired from Top Gear for punching a producer over a sandwich, told The Times of London that he’s too “unfit and fat … Read more

If You Have A Car Payment, ‘You Will Be Broke Your Whole Life’

Dave Ramsey may be an expert at running a toxic company where employees aren’t even treated with basic respect, but when it comes to giving financial advice, he has a questionable background at best. Earlier this month, he gave some truly dumb advice to a woman whose husband got taken advantage of by a Kia … Read more