A Startup’s Mission to Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth Is Being Made Into a Docuseries

The idea that humans caused this extinction, but human ingenuity can put things right again? Reed: That is one of the big questions that we should be exploring in the documentary series. That is at the heart of whether you support what Colossal are doing, whether you want de-extinction or whether you think it’s not … Read more

Watch These Lunatics Stuff A Supercharged V8 In Four-Time Grammy-Winner Killer Mike’s Buick Grand National

Image: Jewel Runners Records Killer Mike is one of the coolest dudes in hip hop right now. He’s one half of the incredible duo Run The Jewels, and occasionally releases some solo projects, like his recent triple-Grammy Award-winning album Michael. A few years back he bought his dream car, a Buick Grand National, and incorporated … Read more

‘Twisters’ Looks Like Another Ram Commercial, And That’s A Good Thing

It’s no secret that “Twister” is one of my favorite movies (and car commercials) of all time, so you can imagine how excited I was when the new trailer for “Twisters” blasted across my TV during the Super Bowl on Sunday night. As excited as I am for the movie as a whole – especially Glen … Read more

Mini Is Making Car Ads Fun Again

Mini recently unveiled its next-generation F66 Cooper and though I am already a Mini fanboy, when the latest Mini ad campaign came up on my Instagram feed, it genuinely excited me. Car ads used to be funny, irreverent, and bold, but modern car ads seem to have migrated into the realm of serious, stodgy and … Read more

Fast And Furious Fan Christopher Nolan Says He Feels ‘No Guilt’ About Loving The Franchise

Robert Downey Jr. standing next to noted Fast & Furious fan Christopher NolanPhoto: Charles Sykes (AP) Christopher Nolan, the executive producer who reportedly played an important advisory role behind the scenes of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice recently appeared on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert. During that interview, Nolan admitted he’s actually a … Read more

Sand Job’ Shows Clarkson, Hammond and May Have Lost All Inspiration

Screenshot: Amazon Prime Video We’ve known for a little while now that Amazon Prime Video’s “The Grand Tour” was coming to an end. Not only are Clarkson, Hammond and May much older than they were when they first began filming “Top Gear” together more than 20 years ago, but there’s also that time Clarkson wrote … Read more

The Many Faces of William Brickel

William Brickel’s elongated, sometimes contorted, often intense figures possess an ambiguous beauty that is a bluntly modern nod to 16th-century mannerist styling, offering a whiff of Paul Cadmus, Lucian Freud, or even Egon Schiele. Mostly, though, they hold your eye with their strong and distinctive presence; they crackle with feeling, pulling you in with their … Read more

In Her New Show, Heather Christian Puts the Divine Feminine Onstage

A new work on the New York stage by the sublimely gifted composer, performer, and high priestess of modern-day ritual Heather Christian is always a cause for celebration. But in the midst of this winter of our discontent, her latest piece, the ravishing Terce: A Practical Breviary, now playing at the Space at Irondale in … Read more

The Most Famous Ex-Boyfriends in the World Were at Loewe’s Fall 2024 Menswear Show

We’re a fickle lot, aren’t we? Less than a year ago, hordes of (extremely well-adjusted) individuals were flocking to the Cornelia Street apartment where Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn first became “Jaylor,” so racked with grief over the break-up of two people they categorically did not know that they actually tried to tear down a … Read more