These Are The Best And Worst Eclipses

Apparently, something special is happening with the sun and moon today. You should drive more carefully, and despite what the “experts” on TikTok say, do not stare directly at the eclipse without protective eyewear. But let’s take a moment to appreciate some good eclipses and recognize some bad ones. Before it was the brand that mostly … Read more

I Finally Have A ‘Real Job’ And Need A Fun, Yet Practical Car For The Commute! What Should I Buy?

Scott lives in Baltimore and after working various gigs including a few stints on cruise ships he has what he calls a “real job” as a software engineer. However, he hasn’t driven a car in a long time and wants something fun, but not too challenging. With a $25,000 budget, what car should he buy? … Read more

There Are Only 25 New Cars Left Under $25,000

Image: Manufacturer Provided The state of affordable new automobiles right now is bleak, y’all. Back in 2020, I did a rundown of all the cars left in the U.S. market under $20,000, and there were seventeen. I did another one last fall, and there were six. Now, because the Kia Soul has crept above the … Read more

Sony-Honda Joint Venture Will Build SUV And ‘Affordable’ Compact To Go Along With Afeela Sedan

Sony Honda Mobility, a joint venture between those two Japanese companies, will be introducing two all-new electric vehicle models by the late 2020s to go along with its already-revealed Afeela sedan. The move is being done with the intent to go up against EV mainstays like Tesla. Honda and Sony’s Electric Car Concept Is Named, … Read more

This Honda-Powered Mini Is A Singer-Style Restomod For Maniacs

Screenshot: Top Gear on YouTube The original Mini has long been heralded as a wonderful piece of design, and it has become an automotive icon for a reason. The Alec Issigonis design is a marvel of packaging and simplicity, and because they’re compact and lightweight, and the wheels are pushed out to the corners, Minis … Read more

These Are The 2024 Cars Most Likely To Last 200,000 Miles Or More, According To Consumer Reports

Photo: Ford They don’t build cars like they used to. It’s true. They’re safer, more fuel efficient and more reliable than ever before. These days, most cars are just getting started when they cross the 100,000-mile mark. They may require quite a few repairs to keep going after that point, but the days of cars … Read more

Tesla Claims It Will Launch A New Entry-Level Model In 2025

Image: Tesla Tesla boss Elon Musk has been promising an entry-level $25,000 electric vehicle for six years. He first mentioned the possibility of the car in 2018, saying it would happen within three years, then doubled down on the idea at Tesla’s Battery Day in late 2020. According to reports from Reuters, Tesla has inquired … Read more

2025 Honda Civic Hybrid Gets Sportier Styling, Will Be Available As A Sedan Or Hatchback

Photo: Honda 2023 was a banner year for Honda’s hybrid lineup. Despite the brand’s only hybrid offerings being the Accord sedan and CR-V crossover, hybrids made up 25 percent of Honda’s total sales for the year, and those hybrid variants were more than 50 percent of each model’s individual sales totals. To capitalize on that … Read more

This RWD-Swapped Widebody Honda Civic Is An Affront To Nature

Screenshot: Larry Chen on YouTube Hondas are front-wheel drive. That’s just a fact. You can claim that the company has built some incredible rear-wheel drive cars in the past, like the S2000 or NSX, but they’re simply the exceptions proving the rule. There was never a rear-driven Civic, and there never will be. Anyone who … Read more

I’m A College Kid Looking For A Reliable Ride! What Car Should I Buy?

Matt is helping his eighteen-year-old niece search for the right set of wheels before she goes off to college. She is currently driving an old Prius that is no longer reliable and is looking for something reliable, and fuel-efficient for under fifteen grand. What car should she buy? The 2023 Dodge Challenger Swinger Edition Was … Read more