Watch Motorweek Test The Sterling, A Forgotten British Take On The Acura Legend

If you don’t know much about Sterling’s flop of a four-year presence in the American car market, you’re not alone. British carmaker Rover tried and failed to permeate the car market in the U.S. twice prior to masquerading as the fresh new brand called Sterling. Rover partnered with Honda to develop the Sterling models based … Read more

Why Are Some Convertibles Called Spiders?

I have never truly understood why some convertibles are called spiders, since spiders are creepy and generally undesirable creatures and not small sporty topless fun machines. There are a few potential origins for this automotive arachnidian nomenclature mashup, one rooted in a poor translation, and one that comes from way back in the horse-drawn carriage … Read more

Elvis Presley saw UFO above Graceland and had ‘telepathic connection’ with alien life | Music | Entertainment

Music legend Elvis Presley was known for his fascination with UFOs, often sharing his experiences with his assistant Larry Geller and, in the years since the King’s passing Larry has revealed the full extent of his wild interest in extraterrestrial life. He wasn’t surprised by Elvis’ stories as he had also witnessed strange objects in … Read more

These Cars All Got Uglier After Their Redesigns

Photo: National Motor Museum/Heritage Images (Getty Images) Designing a car is a massive undertaking. Automakers must effectively predict the future and produce a design that will be appealing for years to come, and the process starts years before the car hits the road. Oftentimes designers have to adhere to a preexisting platform, meet a certain … Read more