These Often Overlooked Family Crossovers Are All Under $35,000

Image: Mazda After years of high prices and low inventory car buyers are finally able to get some deals on pre-owned vehicles. While the EV market offers some compelling prices, there aren’t a lot of family-sized options. But if you are looking for three rows under $35,000 don’t ignore these excellent, but under appreciated, models. … Read more

Small SUV ‘Crash Avoidance’ Tech Does Not Avoid Crashes

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tested 10 of the most popular small crossovers on the market and found that just one of them earned a “good” rating when it comes to vehicle-to-vehicle crash prevention. That is, uh, less than ideal — especially for folks who ride motorcycles and those of us who generally do … Read more

Every Version Of The New Subaru Forester Costs At Least $31,000

With the Subaru Forester’s latest redesign, you will no longer be able to buy a new Forester for less than $30,000. The outdoorsy brand’s best-selling model is new for 2025, with lower power output but enhanced styling, better safety, a quieter cabin, and more comfortable seats, according to Subaru. The brand’s hit Wilderness trim of … Read more

These Are The Automotive Mysteries That Haunt You

1. Who developed the WK2 (2011-2020/1) Grand Cherokee platform? — This platform was also used by the gen. 3 Durango (still in production), the 2012-2019 Mercedes-Benz M/GLE-Class, and the 2013-2019 Mercedes-Benz GL/GLS-Class. It’s probably the final DaimlerChrysler collaboration, and didn’t even debut until a couple of years after the merger ended. But who led the … Read more

I Want A Crossover That’s Actually Interesting! What Car Should I Buy?

Dan and his wife are looking to replace their 2015 Forester with something similar, but more interesting. She is on the shorter side and has a 300-mile weekly commute so they are looking for something with good fuel economy but also comfortable. With a budget of around $40,000, what car should they buy? My Mini … Read more

These Cars All Got Uglier After Their Redesigns

Photo: National Motor Museum/Heritage Images (Getty Images) Designing a car is a massive undertaking. Automakers must effectively predict the future and produce a design that will be appealing for years to come, and the process starts years before the car hits the road. Oftentimes designers have to adhere to a preexisting platform, meet a certain … Read more

‘Airbus Of Autos’ European Automakers Could Band Together To Build Cheap EVs

Good morning! It’s Tuesday, February 20, 2024, and this is The Morning Shift, your daily roundup of the top automotive headlines from around the world, in one place. Here are the important stories you need to know. Even EVs Can’t Get A Break From The Heat 1st Gear: European Carmakers Could Form Alliance To Fend … Read more

I Want To Trade A Big Truck For Two Cars! What Should I Buy?

Shane lives in Wisconson and has a Ram truck that served him well when he was fixing up his house, but he is tired of the poor MPGs and bad ride quality. He wants to sell the truck and buy two cars, a daily driver with modern features and all-weather traction, and something fun with … Read more

Subaru Had It Right All Along

When Subaru first came to the United States, it sold small funky cars that were decidedly un-American. As the company grew its own identity and became more established in the U.S., it became the first automaker to offer an all-wheel-drive passenger car in 1975. Subaru was also an early-adopter of turbocharged engines to bring more … Read more

Consumer Reports Says These Are The Most Reliable New Cars And SUVs For Less Than $30,000

Photo: Mini Pandemic-induced supply chain shortages are finally working themselves out, so there’s a good chance that 2024 will be a much better year for new car buyers. Still, an abundance of cars on dealer lots isn’t going to magically turn a $60,000 car into a $30,000 car. The good news is, though, you can … Read more