Top Gear’s Tunnel Run Is The Coolest New Thing On YouTube

The Catesby Vehicle Test Facility is a 1.7 mile long tunnel in Northamptonshire that has been used for running cars at speed in a controlled environment for decades. The Top Gear folks brought some of the loudest and best sounding vehicles to the tunnel and plopped their tame racing driver, The Stig, into the seat … Read more

At $69,500, Is This Consigned 2001 Ferrari 456M GTA A Deal?

While today’s Nice Price or No Dice 456 may be more a grand tourer than an out-and-out sports car, it still offers V12 power and the panache of the Prancing Horse. Let’s see what we should reasonably be expected to pay for such an opportunity. Michael Mann’s Ferrari Is A Great Car Movie The Jackson … Read more

You’re Going To Have To Pry The Naturally Aspirated V12 Out Of Ferrari’s Cold, Dead Hands

Photo: Ferrari Ferrari recently revealed its latest V12-powered grand tourer and very much wants you to know that it has 12 cylinders. How do we know that? Well, Ferrari named it the 12Cilindri. You know, because a V12 has 12 cylinders. As silly as the name may be, though, we’re absolutely not complaining about any … Read more

Tesla Lays Off Lowly Paid Interns Weeks Before Summer Starts

Good morning! It’s Friday, May 3, 2024, and this is The Morning Shift, your daily roundup of the top automotive headlines from around the world, in one place. Here are the important stories you need to know. 1st Gear: Interns Are Tesla’s Latest Cost-Cutting Victims It’s a stressful time for anyone with a job at … Read more

This Is, Allegedly, A New Ferrari

Ferrari has issued a press release that claims the car you see here is the new V12 Ferrari that will replace the 812. And, as you can see, there are multiple Ferrari badges on the car, which typically indicates you’re looking at a Ferrari. Are we, though? Remove the badges, and would Ferrari really have … Read more

This Junkyard Aston Martin Could Be Your Cheapest Way To V12 Heaven

There are plenty of automotive enthusiasts who will completely disregard a car they love if it has a few flaws. but only a sucker would buy a car with a salvage title or with previous crash damage, no matter how good the repairs. I am nothing if not a sucker, and this gorgeous Fly Yellow … Read more

Please Actually Drive This Ultra Rare Aston Martin DB AR1 V12 Manual Roadster

This Aston Martin is part British, part Italian, and part American, but 100 percent lust worthy. It is a 2003 Aston Martin DB AR1, powered by a naturally aspirated V12 and a six-speed manual transmission, with classic British styling that’s been massaged into a truly striking roadster by legendary Italian designer Zagato. And it’s up … Read more

At $72,500, Is This 2007 Maybach 62 S A Deal You Might Back?

With its 600 horsepower and luxury accommodations, passengers might confuse riding in today’s Nice Price or No Dice Maybach for being transported by private jet. Let’s decide if this uber-luxury ride comes with a price that’s peasant-pleasing. This Is The New Mercedes-Maybach Night Series To live simply is to live happily. Unfortunately, the engine that … Read more