This Junkyard Aston Martin Could Be Your Cheapest Way To V12 Heaven

There are plenty of automotive enthusiasts who will completely disregard a car they love if it has a few flaws. but only a sucker would buy a car with a salvage title or with previous crash damage, no matter how good the repairs. I am nothing if not a sucker, and this gorgeous Fly Yellow … Read more

Please Actually Drive This Ultra Rare Aston Martin DB AR1 V12 Manual Roadster

This Aston Martin is part British, part Italian, and part American, but 100 percent lust worthy. It is a 2003 Aston Martin DB AR1, powered by a naturally aspirated V12 and a six-speed manual transmission, with classic British styling that’s been massaged into a truly striking roadster by legendary Italian designer Zagato. And it’s up … Read more