This Wrecked Jaguar Series 1 E-Type Is Begging You To Turn It Into A Vintage Race Car

Image: Copart Jaguar’s iconic E-Type sports car was derived from the three-time Le Mans-winning D-Type racing car, and in the later 1960s turned into a fairly successful racing car in its own right. It was, and remains, one of the most beautiful cars ever to set wheel to road, and in its day was significantly … Read more

This Junkyard Aston Martin Could Be Your Cheapest Way To V12 Heaven

There are plenty of automotive enthusiasts who will completely disregard a car they love if it has a few flaws. but only a sucker would buy a car with a salvage title or with previous crash damage, no matter how good the repairs. I am nothing if not a sucker, and this gorgeous Fly Yellow … Read more

You Should Buy Your First Ferrari From The Junkyard

Image: Copart There is a saying among Ferrari owners that your first Ferrari has to be red. You can pick a more esoteric exterior paint in your subsequent machines from Maranello, but your first foray into the brand should be the typical and iconic Rosso Corsa, or some derivation thereof. This twelve-year-old 458 Spider has … Read more