Bugatti Tourbillon V16 Hybrid Hypercar Is Designed To Still Be Timeless Next Century

Twenty years after the game-changing Bugatti Veyron entered production and eight years after the Chiron was unveiled, it’s time for a new Bugatti, and the French brand’s latest hypercar is unlike anything that’s come before it. Enter the Bugatti Tourbillon. Powered by a new V16 plug-in-hybrid powertrain, built on a new structure and featuring a … Read more

Japan’s Aspark Owl Breaks EV Top Speed Record At 272.6 MPH

Image: Aspark It seems like just yesterday that Aspark was pushing the boundaries of physics by getting its Owl electric hypercar to sprint from 0-60 in under two seconds. In reality that was six years ago, and now every EV automaker can make a sub-two 0-60 run, so Aspark had to set its sights a … Read more

This Bugatti Veyron’s Milled Aluminum Body Panels Were More Expensive Than The $2.5 Million Car Itself

It’s common for modern Bugattis to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in options, with some bespoke commissions through the Sur Mesure division costing seven figures on top of the already mega-expensive car. There is one Veyron that stands above the rest in this regard, and it was never before seen until a few days … Read more

Bugatti’s Lead Bespoke Designer On Creating True Automotive Art

Bugatti unveiled the one-off Golden Era last year, a unique Chiron Super Sport built to celebrate the marque’s two golden eras: 1909 to 1956, and 1987 to 2023. Bugatti has an extensive history of bespoke creations, both with pre-war coachbuilt cars and with the Veyron and subsequent modern models, but the Golden Era is something … Read more

Car And Driver’s Original Bugatti Veyron Review Is A Poetic Tale Of Hypercar Absurdity

Most car enthusiasts have specific car magazine stories that have been seared into their minds since the first read, whether they are a profile of an important figure, a review of a favorite car, or an oddball feature or culture story. Car and Driver’s Instagram account recently posted a throwback to what might be my … Read more

There Will Never Be Another Automaker CEO Like Ferdinand Piëch

Screenshot: Hagerty Car purchases are rarely rational, and nobody understood that more than Austrian business magnate and Porsche heir Ferdinand Piëch. In his 50-plus years in the automotive industry, his main motivating factor was building cool shit and taking it racing, often completely at odds with company profit or shareholder value. He knew how to … Read more

The World Would Be A Better Place If Detroit Had Built These Concept Cars

Photo: Bradley Brownell If General Motors had wanted to make the Corvette an internationally-respected nameplate in the early 1990s, it could have just pushed the mid-engine, 650-horsepower, all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, active suspension CERV III concept into production. This was a proper exotic that could completely demolish Porsche’s 959 from just a few years earlier. … Read more