I Must Twist The Bugatti Tourbillon’s Fixed Hub Steering Wheel

The world saw the unveiling of the Bugatti Tourbillon, a new hypercar with a V16 hybrid powertrain and horological design inspiration on Thursday. There’s a lot to talk about with the Tourbillon, from its high-revving naturally aspirated engine to its crystal-covered interior, but what most people will focus in on is the gauge cluster. Inspired … Read more

Bugatti Tourbillon V16 Hybrid Hypercar Is Designed To Still Be Timeless Next Century

Twenty years after the game-changing Bugatti Veyron entered production and eight years after the Chiron was unveiled, it’s time for a new Bugatti, and the French brand’s latest hypercar is unlike anything that’s come before it. Enter the Bugatti Tourbillon. Powered by a new V16 plug-in-hybrid powertrain, built on a new structure and featuring a … Read more