1 Passenger Killed By Severe Turbulence Aboard Singapore Airlines Flight

Photo: NurPhoto / Contributor (Getty Images) A Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore ended in tragedy and was forced to make an emergency landing in Bangkok after severe turbulence left one person dead and more than 30 others injured. The BBC reports the plane dropped about 6,000 feet in only a couple of minutes, … Read more

Boeing Spacecraft Should Be Grounded Over ‘Risk Of A Disaster,’ Warns NASA Contractor

Photo: Joe Raedle (Getty Images) After a last minute delay of the debut mission of the Boeing Starliner earlier this week, a NASA contractor is warning the space agency that potentially disastrous problems may still lurk in the Atlas V rocket. 2025 Subaru Forester Keeps Subie’s Legendary Off-Road Capability NASA delayed the crewed debut mission … Read more

This Website Lets You Search For Flights That Don’t Use Boeing

Screenshot: Alternative Flights Air travel lately has been pretty hellish, and things have only gotten worse now that Boeing and its aircraft have come under fire for their increased danger. But what if there was a way you could find flights that didn’t use Boeing aircraft? Maybe it would make some people feel better about … Read more

Flying Sure Is Scary These Days

So far, 2024 really hasn’t been the year for air travel. In January alone there was the Japan Airlines fire, the Boeing 737 Max 9 that lost its door plug mid-flight, the discovery of more loose door plugs on other 737 Max 9s, a cockpit windshield that cracked mid-flight, a 747 shooting sparks through the … Read more

Passengers Want $1 Billion After ‘Frightful, Death-Threatening Failure’ Of Boeing Door Plugs

Boeing and Alaska Airlines are being sued for $1 billion in damages by three passengers who were onboard a 737 Max 9 flight that suffered a now-infamous door panel blowout midflight. The suit accuses both parties of negligence. Why You Should Trade in Your Old Audi A3 for a Used Polestar 2 | WCSYB? Announced … Read more

Retired Boeing 737 Max Manager Walked Off Of A Flight After Refusing To Fly On The Plane

Photo: Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency (Getty Images) The Boeing 737 Max door plug blowout on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 has put the aircraft manufacturer and its newest plane under intense scrutiny. The incident has also brought several figures from 2019, after the pair of Max crashes that killed 346 people, back into the public eye. Driving … Read more

Why Airplane Tires Last Less Than 500 Landings

Photo: Jun Xu (Getty Images) An aircraft’s tires are usually an afterthought for most airline passengers. Despite only being on the ground for brief periods of time during most flights, planes still use their tires a great deal. Incredibly, aircraft tires rarely blow out but have relatively short lifespans. Ride Along in the 2024 Corvette … Read more

President Kennedy’s Pursuit For A Supersonic Airliner Was Doomed From The Start

President John F. Kennedy, in June 1963, walked out to a podium at Falcon Stadium, the football stadium at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. While addressing the graduating class of cadets, he announced that the United States would embark on the challenge of constructing the world’s first supersonic commercial airliner. It was the … Read more

Four Boeing Door Plug Bolts Were Missing On Blowout 737 Max Plane: Report

Photo: National Transportation Safety Board (AP) The National Transportation Safety Board released its preliminary report on how a door plug blew out of a Boeing 737 Max 9 at 16,000 feet over Portland, Oregon last month. The findings are as bad as expected with the report noting that the four bolts intended to hold the … Read more

‘I Would Tell My Family To Avoid The Max. I Would Tell Everyone, Really…’ Experts And Ex-Boeing Employees Issue Warning On Max

Airlines are resuming flights with the troubled Boeing Max 9 planes which were all grounded following the door panel blow-out incident on Jan. 5, but aviation experts say that these planes still have significant and potentially dangerous quality-control issues. I Need A Manual Car Thats Fun And Powerful | WCSYB? Boeing Max 8 jets first … Read more