Jeep Brings Back Pink Paint On The Wrangler Because So Many People Wanted It

Photo: Jeep If there’s one thing we can all agree about when it comes to Stellantis’ American brands — specifically Dodge and Jeep — it’s that Mopar’s design teams really know how to come up with a good color. It’s been common practice for style-forward cars like the Challenger, Charger and Wrangler to get one-year-only … Read more

Collapse Of Baltimore Bridge Doesn’t Stop Drivers From Trying To Cross It

Baltimore officials are in a frenzy as the Francis Scott Key Bridge has collapsed after being hit by a cargo ship. Search and rescue efforts are underway to locate people who might have fallen into the water during the collapse, and a key thoroughfare to the second busiest port on the eastern seaboard has been … Read more

Here Are Jeep’s Awesome 2024 Easter Safari Builds From Every Angle

Are these the best colored Jeeps around right now? Photo: Jeep It’s that time of year again people, it’s Easter. And sure, that might mean it’s the season for eating too much chocolate or celebrating the anniversary of someone’s resurrection (weirdly on a different day each year) but for us here in the world of … Read more

The Naturally Aspirated V6 Is Going Extinct

Photo: Andy Kalmowitz / Jalopnik I’ve owned four cars in my lifetime. Every single one of them had six naturally aspirated cylinders, and three were V6s. I suppose you can I’ve got a pretty strong affinity for that type of engine layout, and that’s why I’m so worried right now. You see, I recently came … Read more

This Jeep’s Job Is Just Beach

Image: Jeep I’d be willing to bet money that Jeep is the brand probably tops the list of most special editions ever produced by any automaker. Its made everything from Call of Duty editions to vehicle that just celebrate America’s freedom. Jeep’s latest special editions look like something straight out of the 1990s. Mitchell Slaggert’s … Read more