At $12,900, Is This 2014 Maserati Quattroporte S Q4 A Deal?

The present owner of today’s Nice Price or No Dice Quattroporte claims to be selling it “under book value” due to a minor fix it requires. That’s on top of the precipitous depreciation these cars already face. Let’s see if this one is worth the roll of the dice. Jon Cryer’s First Car Came From … Read more

Make This Incredibly Rare Renault Hot Hatch Your Next Track Car

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The Naturally Aspirated V6 Is Going Extinct

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You Thought Taycan Turbo Was Bad? Smartphone Maker Xiaomi’s First Car Has Electric Motors Named V6 And V8

When the Porsche Taycan debuted in 2019, purists were infuriated by Porsche’s decision to name the top trim level “Turbo” despite the car being fully electric and not actually having a turbocharger. For the most part people have gotten over it — or at least, they should have by now — but there’s a new … Read more