Porsche 959 Limo Built For The Founder Of Benihana Is Getting The Restoration It Deserves

“I’m not terrified of it,” says John Ficarra of his newest ridiculous acquisition, Rocky Aoki’s Porsche 959 limo built for the Car and Driver One Lap of America. Most people would be terrified, I would venture to guess. The car has been for sale in Southern California for at least thirteen years indicating just how … Read more

The 2024 Subaru BRZ tS Is Still The One You Want, Even If You Aren’t On The Targa Florio

The Targa Florio is easy enough to read about, you’ve probably come across plenty of photos of Porsches and Ferraris there. When you see a blue Porsche 908/3 with a big orange arrow running down the drivers side, you probably think “Targa Florio.” I certainly have for as long as I can remember. But having … Read more

Half-Eleven Is The V8 Porsche Hot Rod You Never Knew You Wanted

Screenshot: Top Gear The Half11 project has been a several-year process to build the ideal car dream shared by the Bridan brothers behind Southern California’s Oil Stain Lab. The idea behind this ridiculous car is the kind of thing only a kid could dream up, as they long ago dreamed about smashing a 911 and … Read more