This Ferrari-Powered Subaru Was Built To Get Fans Excited About Rally Again

Screenshot: Top Gear on YouTube Leave it to a proper American motorsport competitor to comb through the rulebook to find a loophole big enough to fit a Ferrari California engine through it. American Rally Association racer Sam Albert found a rule stating that the Open 4WD class was allowed to use a naturally aspirated engine … Read more

This 2,500 HP Audi R8 Proves The Turbos Are Bigger In Texas

Screenshot: Top Gear There’s something in the water in Texas. That’s the only thing that can explain it. The gearheads down there in the section of America that used to be Mexico really know how to take fast shit and make it faster shit. Audi’s second-generation R8 is already impressive with a 533 horsepower V10 … Read more

Half-Eleven Is The V8 Porsche Hot Rod You Never Knew You Wanted

Screenshot: Top Gear The Half11 project has been a several-year process to build the ideal car dream shared by the Bridan brothers behind Southern California’s Oil Stain Lab. The idea behind this ridiculous car is the kind of thing only a kid could dream up, as they long ago dreamed about smashing a 911 and … Read more