These Popular Semi Trucks Have Headlights From An Unlikely Source: The Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Daimler-Benz AG bought Freightliner from the American company Consolidated Freightways back in 1981, and under Daimler control it became the largest heavy duty truck producer in North America by 1992. Parts sharing across mutually owned companies is a common practice, but it’s not always as drastic of a cross-market collaboration as the stark juxtaposition of … Read more

Maybe Don’t Buy This ‘Former Government Vehicle’ From 1940s Germany

Cars don’t deserve a bad rap just because their owners were shitty, but as humans we can’t help but assign significance to objects via their owners. Take this very brief ad for a 1940 Mercedes-Benz Grosser 770 Open Touring Car. It’s an incredible piece of history, but considering its Nazi roots, it might be better … Read more

Pepsi Paid For 100 Tesla Semi Trucks In 2017, But Has Only Received 36

Tesla’s Semi truck, promised to deliver 500 miles of range, easy hauling, and low cost of operation, was unveiled in November of 2017. At the time dozens of fleets around the world placed orders for hundreds of trucks. The two largest orders, however, were for UPS and Pepsi, ordering 125 and 100 trucks respectively. Production … Read more

These Are Your Favorite Failed Concept Cars

Photo: Schneider2001, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons Dodge demon. Not that one, this one: This wasn’t some Vision “concept” that’s no more than lines of code and MAYBE a clay model, that only idiots think ever had a chance at production. This was production ready, and cancelled because 2008. If it made it … Read more

An Antique Mercedes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Just Sold For $12 Million

Image: Gooding&Company I’ll admit that even as a car enthusiast, some parts of automotive history escape me. A big gray area for me is pre-WWII stuff; early automotive history. While I’d be hard-pressed to name some of the more obscure models from this time, one car from the period I never even knew existed just … Read more

The World Would Be A Better Place If Detroit Had Built These Concept Cars

Photo: Bradley Brownell If General Motors had wanted to make the Corvette an internationally-respected nameplate in the early 1990s, it could have just pushed the mid-engine, 650-horsepower, all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, active suspension CERV III concept into production. This was a proper exotic that could completely demolish Porsche’s 959 from just a few years earlier. … Read more

At $18,950, Is This 2002 Jaguar XKR The Cat’s Pajamas?

With 370 horsepower on tap, today’s Nice Price or No Dice XKR is a Jag that likely doesn’t pussyfoot around. Let’s see if it’s priced to move as well. The 2024 F-Type 75 Will House Jaguar’s Final V8 While time and its long-term owner had been kind to the 1996 Chevy Lumina that we looked … Read more

We Almost Didn’t Get The RWD Chrysler 300

Love it or hate it, you can’t really deny the impact that the Chrysler 300 and the LX platform cars had on the automotive industry. The first-generation Chrysler 300 was a design icon, so bold and American it was almost shocking when it hit the market in 2005. Amazingly, though, the future legend almost didn’t … Read more