An Antique Mercedes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Just Sold For $12 Million

Image: Gooding&Company I’ll admit that even as a car enthusiast, some parts of automotive history escape me. A big gray area for me is pre-WWII stuff; early automotive history. While I’d be hard-pressed to name some of the more obscure models from this time, one car from the period I never even knew existed just … Read more

These Are The Stories Behind Big Automaker Names

Photo: Matt Cardy (Getty Images) Carmaker names are not nearly as celebrated as carmaker logos but they’re just as rich in heritage, both good and bad. Automobiles have been around since the late 1700s, but they didn’t take off until after the Industrial Revolution. World Wars I and II would catapult auto manufacturing into what … Read more

Here’s Your Opportunity To Own A Car Designed In 1886

Image: Bonhams Karl Benz was just twenty years old when he graduated from Karlsruhe Polytechnic engineering college, and before he was thirty he developed a successful two-stroke gasoline-powered single-piston engine. His first automobile design was the three-wheeled two-seater Motorwagen with innovative electric spark ignition and a manual clutch coupling between the engine and drive mechanism. … Read more