The Dodge Super8 Hemi Concept Was An Early 2000s Retro Sedan I Thankfully Forgot All About

As we’ve seen recently, Chrysler has a history with making some decent looking, near-production-ready concept cars. Not all of them were hits, though. Some of Mopar’s concepts have become long forgotten, and for good reasons too. One of those concepts was the Dodge Super8 Hemi Concept from 2001. What Car Never Lived Up To The … Read more

The World Would Be A Better Place If Detroit Had Built These Concept Cars

Photo: Bradley Brownell If General Motors had wanted to make the Corvette an internationally-respected nameplate in the early 1990s, it could have just pushed the mid-engine, 650-horsepower, all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, active suspension CERV III concept into production. This was a proper exotic that could completely demolish Porsche’s 959 from just a few years earlier. … Read more