Gold is safer than mining stocks: State Street’s Milling-Stanley

Investors looking to weather a volatile market may want to opt for physical gold over gold stocks. That’s according to George Milling-Stanley, one of the world’s experts in gold and the chief gold strategist at State Street Global Advisors. “One of the reasons I own gold bar(s) is that I believe it offers me some … Read more

Revenge spending isn’t dead, even as credit card debt tops $1 trillion

Taylor Swift performs onstage for the opening night of “Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour” at State Farm Stadium. Kevin Mazur | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty Images Revenge spending is not dead. Even as Americans owe $1.13 trillion on their credit cards, consumers are still willing to splurge on impulsive purchases. It’s a phenomenon also known as … Read more

Nearly half of young adults have ‘money dysmorphia,’ survey finds

Overwhelming evidence suggests social media has a negative effect on self-esteem. That’s not only true for how people feel about their appearance and social status, but also their financial well-being and economic standing. A new term, “money dysmorphia,” aims to describe the distorted view of one’s finances that nearly one-third, or 29%, of Americans say … Read more

Here’s what I learned about Roth IRAs and HYSAs as a Gen Z reporter

  Klaus Vedfelt | Digitalvision | Getty Images ‘The Roth IRA is an incredible savings vehicle’ Roth individual retirement accounts require investors to pay taxes on the contributions they make now, rather than when they take withdrawals in their retirement years. That trade-off means after-tax dollars grow tax-free for decades. A Roth can be a … Read more

Younger generations gained more wealth than others since 2019, study says

Younger generations grew their wealth much faster than older Americans after the pandemic began, thanks largely to stocks, according to a new study. The total wealth of Americans under 40 surged by 80%, to $9.5 trillion, between the first quarter of 2019 and the third quarter of 2023, according to a study by the New … Read more

Gen Z, millennials are grappling with high cost of living

Rockaa | E+ | Getty Images Despite earning more, many Gen Z adults and millennials are having a hard time finding room in their budgets to invest. To that point, 63% of young adults believe the stock market is a great place to build wealth and invest, but many are not participating, according to the … Read more

Indonesia’s presidential hopefuls on TikTok to woo Gen Zs, millennials

Indonesia’s presidential election is due 14 February and candidates are going all out to win over voters in this country of 274 million. With millennials and Gen Z voters making up 56.5% of the electorate campaigning is often done on social media. One platform in particular has emerged as key, TikTok. Sopa Images | Lightrocket … Read more

How the generations stack up financially

By many measures, Generation Z is doing well. Compared with their parents at this age, young adults are more likely to have a college degree and work full time — particularly women, who are not only achieving increasing levels of education but also earning more.    However, Gen Z adults are also less likely to own a … Read more

In Generation Z, a new kind of voter emerges, focused more on issues, less on parties – National

When the country next elects a national government, there will be about 4.5 million Canadians under the age of 30 eligible to vote, a group that demographers have labelled Generation Z, and that pollsters here and around the world say engage in politics in different ways than older voters. The arrival of Generation Z — … Read more

Gen Z says they have it harder than their parents did

Gen Zers are having a harder time making ends meet, let alone building wealth. Roughly 38% of Generation Z adults and millennials believe they face more difficulty feeling financially secure than their parents did at the same age, largely due to the economy, according to a recent Bankrate report. Gen Z is generally defined as those born between 1996 and … Read more