Work friends can be hard to find. How to combat loneliness in the workplace

Twice each month, executives at the dating app company Hinge gather for a team meeting. But rather than dive into discussions about metrics or revenue, they begin by simply talking. For the first 30 minutes of the two-hour meeting, these coworkers reveal hopes and anxieties — what they worry about, what they’re grateful for, what … Read more

Three-day hybrid work week is success, study published in Nature says

The three-day in-office hybrid work schedule is a “win-win-win,” according to a study published in the prestigious science journal Nature.  In the study, Nick Bloom from Stanford’s Institute for Economic Policy Research — a highly regarded expert on work modes who has been researching remote productivity since well before the pandemic — provided concrete evidence … Read more

Taking a vacation from work may soon become mandatory

Ezra Bailey Ezra Bailey | Stone | Getty Images With burnout prevalent in the workplace, some employers are considering mandatory vacation, full office shutdowns and other ways to get workaholic employees to take a break. Only a small number of employers today — 8.7% — require workers to take a minimum amount of vacation, and … Read more

A staggering 90% of UK employees are ‘quiet quitting’: Gallup

People walk through the Canary Wharf financial district of London, Britain. Simon Dawson | Reuters The U.K. has a serious problem. Only 10% of U.K. workers were found to be feeling engaged with their jobs, according to Gallup’s new State of the Global Workforce 2024 report, with the country trailing behind the U.S. and several … Read more

8 phrases to use at work to be happier, less stressed

Long hours, heavy workloads, tight deadlines, job insecurity, a lack of control over your schedule and generally feeling unsupported can leave you feeling unhappy and discontented with your work environment. If gone unchecked for too long, this kind of chronic workplace stress can lead to job burnout. As a Harvard-trained psychologist, one of the best ways … Read more

Some workers are worried using AI will make them look ‘lazy’: survey

Picture Alliance | Picture Alliance | Getty Images AI use is fast becoming the norm in the workplace, but some workers are still worried that they’ll receive flak if their colleagues find out. AI firm Anthropic and work management platform Asana released their new 2024 State of AI at Work report on Wednesday, which surveyed … Read more

How to keep politics from getting you fired

Attention workers: what you say or do — even outside of normal working hours — could get you fired. This is especially pertinent for workers now, given the wave of protests and charged social media posts related to Middle East tensions, the presidential election and other hot-button social issues. Workers may think they have more … Read more

Taylor Swift and Beyonce’s ‘universal language’ is improving life at work

In photo at left, Megh McLaughlin, center, with co-workers at a performance of Beyonce’s Renaissance tour. In photo at right, Rob Breakiron with his daughter, Isabelle, at a performance of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour. Courtesy: Megh McLaughlin, left photo. Isabelle Breakiron, right photo At professional services firm KPMG, managing director Rob Breakiron feels more popular … Read more

Nvidia’s CEO was labeled a ‘demanding’ boss by staff. Experts discuss

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang attends a media roundtable meeting in Singapore on Dec. 6, 2023. Edgar Su | Reuters Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang knows he’s a tough boss and has no regrets about it. In a recent interview with “60 Minutes,” employees at the company’s Santa Clara headquarters told correspondent Bill Whitaker that the entrepreneur … Read more

AI skill you must learn to stay competitive in the jobs market

55% of leaders say they’re concered about having enough talent to fill roles in the year ahead as AI skills become more relevant than ever before, new study finds. Pixdeluxe | E+ | Getty Images Today’s winners are learning how to leverage artificial intelligence to stay competitive and relevant — employees and businesses alike. “AI … Read more