John Eastman Addresses California Court’s Disbarment Recommendation

Attorney John Eastman, one of the key architects of Donald Trump’s scheme to overturn the 2020 election, on Thursday addressed the recommendation by a judge that he be disbarred for his role in advancing the former president’s plot to remain in power. State Bar Court of California Judge Yvette Roland recommended last week that Eastman … Read more

‘East Bay Pirates’ Suspects Arrested After A Year Of Terrorizing Houseboat And Yacht Owners

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you mixed pirates with the Wet Bandits from “Home Alone,” we now have your answer. Police arrested three alleged seafaring burglars last week accused of robbing residents and businesses in the San Francisco Bay. Neolun Concept First Look : The First Full-Size Electric SUV From Genesis Surveillance … Read more

BurnBot raises $20 million to build technology for wildfire prevention

BurnBot RX burns unwanted vegetation without emitting plumes of smoke. Lora Kolodny for CNBC Last year’s record heat wave worsened drought and dry conditions across the globe, a particularly calamitous situation for California, which has seen 13 of the state’s 20 most destructive wildfires in history break out since 2017. In South San Francisco, a … Read more

Nine-Year-Old In A Jetta Rams Cop Car And Starts Police Chase While Driving To School

A 9-year-old with an apparent “fuck the police” vibe in Northern California decided to – while driving a Volkswagen Jetta to his school – smash into a California Highway Patrol vehicle and lead cops on a car chase. It was a busy Wednesday for the little guy. One police officer called it a “scene straight … Read more

How shipping containers can make or break the global economy

The shipping container is a logistics marvel that can affordably move thousands of items from hundreds of different companies all around the globe.  If there is a slowdown in shipping-container circulation, there could be massive supply chain bottlenecks. “The skill involved in containerization is moving that container from point A to point B and getting … Read more

Debris From SpaceX’s Blown-Up Starship Are Hot Ticket Items On eBay

Elon Musk’s private space company SpaceX lost both launch vehicles in Starship’s first two test flights. Now, debris from those explosions is now fetching four-figure sums online, and SpaceX has taken a lax stance on recovering its spacecraft. According to Bob: Public Transit Is a Car Enthusiast’s Best Friend While Starship is known for exploding and … Read more

The Anti-Trans Movement Is Coming For California

On March 16, a broad coalition of conservative organizations joined forces at Glory Church, a large Korean church in downtown Los Angeles. Inside the former boxing arena, Pastor Richard Shin took the pulpit. “America was a dream country to most Koreans, including me, 40 years ago. It was a country of freedom, a country of … Read more

California Town Swamped By 14,000 Abandoned Cars

Screenshot: ABC7 Bay Area Oakland, California is struggling to deal with a deluge of abandoned vehicles across the city. According to the Oakland Department of Transportation, 13,856 cars were reported abandoned over a six-month period in 2023. The city ran out of space in its storage lots and is renting even more room to hold … Read more

Supreme Court tosses rulings on public officials’ social media blockings

The Supreme Court clarified when public officials can block critical constituents from their personal profiles without violating their constitutional protections in a unanimous decision on Friday.  After hearing appeals of two conflicting rulings — one filed against school board members in Southern California and another filed against the city manager of Port Huron, Mich. — … Read more