ETMarkets Smart Talk: Agri, consumer durable & insurance could be dark horse of FY25: Kush Gupta

“I think certain sectors that could surprise us will be Agriculture, Consumer Durables, Insurance and Services,” says Kush Gupta, Director at SKG Investment & Advisory. In an interview with ETMarkets, Gupta said: “The new government would enhance capital expenditure, above normal monsoon are expected to support agriculture, Crude oil prices have come down which should … Read more

What’s the global orange juice supply crisis – and should Australians be worried?

This article first appeared in The Conversation. Oranges – and all the things we can make from them — are big business. But the industry is facing a severe crisis. About 50 million tonnes of oranges are grown each year, 34 per cent of them in Brazil. Know the news with the 7NEWS app: Download … Read more

Researchers find a tiny organism has the power to reduce a persistent greenhouse gas in farm fields

In the world of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide gets most of the blame. But tiny organisms that flourish in the world’s farm fields emit a far more potent gas, nitrous oxide, and scientists have long sought a way to address it. Now some researchers think they’ve found a bacteria that can help. Writing in … Read more

Stocks: In Focus: Scrips that like a cloud on the horizon

Mumbai: Stocks belonging to sectors such as fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), agriculture, automobiles – especially two-wheelers and tractors – retail and hotels are likely to be in focus in the next few months, as the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecast an above-normal monsoon. Sufficient rainfall in the June-September season can lead to faster growth … Read more

English fishing village told to boil water after a parasite outbreak sickens over 45 people

LONDON — A scenic fishing village in southwestern England was under instructions to boil its tap water for a third day on Friday after a parasite sickened more than 45 people in the latest example of Britain’s troubled water system. Around 16,000 homes and businesses in the Brixham area of Devon were told to boil … Read more

Women farmers are often key decision-makers

Rebekah Alstede Modery, left, and Sarah Alstede, sisters and co-owners of Alstede Farms in Chester, New Jersey. Courtesy: Alstede Farms Sisters Rebekah Alstede Modery and Sarah Alstede were raised on a New Jersey farm. This year, they decided to spend their careers there, too. Rebekah graduated in 2023 with a double major in agricultural business … Read more

No One Knows How Far Bird Flu Has Spread

In late March, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it had detected cases of bird flu in dairy cattle. Initially discovered in dairy farms in Texas, Kansas, and New Mexico, there are now 36 confirmed outbreaks in dairy herds in nine states. Although the H5N1 virus circulates widely in wild birds, it is now … Read more

Travellers fined for attempting to smuggle ‘pest’ fish through Melbourne Airport

Two travellers have been fined $54,000 in a Federal Court ruling for attempting to smuggle 240 fish through Melbourne International Airport. One man was initially fined $420 for attempting to smuggle 120 live ornamental fish into the country in December 2019. The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry launched an investigation when the same man … Read more

InnerPlant helps farmers reduce pesticides and agricultural waste

What if plants could talk to farmers and tell them when they’re in distress? That would not only save the plants, but it could reduce the amount of agricultural waste that threatens the planet’s health. Much of agriculture may look green, but the industry is one of the world’s biggest carbon offenders. It accounts for … Read more