Taking a personal finance class has a lifetime benefit of $100,000

Taking a financial education class in high school does pay off. In fact, there is a lifetime benefit of roughly $100,000 per student from completing a one-semester course in personal finance, according to a recent report by consulting firm Tyton Partners and Next Gen Personal Finance, a nonprofit focused on providing financial education to middle and … Read more

Credit card users can save over $400 a year by switching issuers: CFPB

Olga Rolenko | Moment | Getty Images The nation’s largest credit card companies typically charge higher interest rates than small banks and credit unions — and switching may save the average cardholder hundreds of dollars a year, according to an analysis issued Friday by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. However, some consumers, depending on their … Read more

He got his student debt forgiven. And then a $56,801 refund

Marlon and his dog, George. Courtesy: Since 1988, Marlon Fox has been paying down his federal student debt. He didn’t see an end in sight. Then, on Aug. 25, 2023, an email popped up in his inbox with the subject line: “Your student loans have been forgiven!” His $119,500 balance was reset to zero. “I … Read more

In credit card debt? Here are some expert tips to help pay it off

Credit cards are an Achilles’ heel for many people. Collectively, Americans now owe $1.13 trillion on their cards, and the average balance per consumer is up to $6,360, both historic highs. Not only are more cardholders carrying debt from month to month but more are increasingly falling behind on payments, recent reports show. “Even though dealing with $1 … Read more

Biden calls shrinkflation a ‘rip off.’ How to spot downsized products

Anna Bizon | Gallo Images Roots Rf Collection | Getty Images President Joe Biden took to social media ahead of the Super Bowl on Sunday to take a jab at snack companies that are giving consumers less food for their money. The phenomenon called shrinkflation — where consumer products become smaller in quantity, size or … Read more

Employers now offer student loan 401(k) match: What it’s like

When Amber Steeves started working at Verizon almost 15 years ago, she did one of the best things you can do when you start a new job. She enrolled in the company’s 401(k) program to begin saving for retirement. “I was never financially stable, and that was a goal,” she tells CNBC Make It. “OK, … Read more

Why your credit score may be to blame

Catherine Falls Commercial | Moment | Getty Images If you’ve noticed the cost of your car insurance policy has gone up, you’re not alone. Inflation takes some of the blame, but your credit score may have a role as well. The national average cost for full-coverage car insurance has gone up to $2,543 per year, … Read more

Laid off? Here’s how to find new work faster

Skynesher | E+ | Getty Images New government data shows a surprisingly strong job market for the month of January. But there are signs of weakness in the labor market, based on tens of thousands of workers who have been laid off since 2024 started. U.S. employers announced 82,307 job cuts in January, up from … Read more

How the generations stack up financially

By many measures, Generation Z is doing well. Compared with their parents at this age, young adults are more likely to have a college degree and work full time — particularly women, who are not only achieving increasing levels of education but also earning more.    However, Gen Z adults are also less likely to own a … Read more

Affluent millennials more likely to exaggerate finances to appear wealthy

Ascentxmedia | E+ | Getty Images High inflation has prompted even well-to-do Americans to rethink their spending habits. But one group — affluent millennials — are more likely to lie or exaggerate their finances to appear financially successful, according to a recent survey from Wells Fargo. That goes for 34% of affluent millennials versus just … Read more